Kirsten Renee Boat Pictures 


I sold my boat (Kirsten Renee) on 1/21/02.  It was a sad day, but now that I no longer live aboard her, it doesn't make sense for me to own such a big boat.  Below are some pictures the yacht broker took to sell her, I think they are well done. 


The front.


The back.


The living room, notice the flat panel TV in the left side of the living room.


The inside console (you can also drive the boat from the flying bridge).


Dining table (lowers into a double bed).


Galley, with the refrigerator on the left, and a 3 burner stove on the right.


This is the aft cabin, with a queen size bed and private bath.  There is a shower around the corner in the bathroom.


The front v-birth, and forward bathroom.


Outside on the aft deck.


A picture of the fly bridge.   This is the main place to steer the boat from.


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