New Homes near Jump Off Joe, Newport, Oregon

9/30/2006 - Saturday

On 9/30/2006 I walked around "Jump Off Joe" in Newport, Oregon and took some pictures showing the new homes and new construction near the old homes.  You can click on any picture for an ENORMOUS version to see more detail.

A block down from our "Crabbin Cabin" this new set of homes is being built.  The one on the corner in the center of the picture below does not have the siding or paint on the outside yet, but the others in the development are finished.


A close up of the home construction.


This is a row of brand new homes.


This is one of the original (small, modest) homes from the 1940s overlooking Jump Off Joe, Newport, Oregon.  This is the luckiest house on earth -> in 1942 a massive landslide swallowed the FRONT OCEANSIDE BLOCK of houses, and suddenly this home because ocean-front property (along with about 10 other modest, small homes).  Here is how close to death the NEXT row of houses (including the one below) came-> half of the street in front of them slide off into the ocean, and the other half is still there as a walking path.  The railing you see in the picture below is down the center of the original 1940 street.


Here is a picture down that "half street".  Even up until 5 years ago this was all very modest, tiny homes.  The owners expected the homes to slip down into the ocean "any day", so nobody put any money into the homes.  But after 50 years of stability, they are tearing down all the small homes and putting up hotels, condos, and mansions along this unstable stretch of beach near Jump Off Joe, Newport, Oregon.  Jump Off Joe is the furthest point down on this road you see, it dead-ends off a cliff where more slides happened.


The picture below points out 3 stages of development.  On the left is a brand new, MONSTROUS home.  In the middle is where a modest 1940s home sat until recently and now it is a vacant lot waiting for development, and on the right is one of the only remaining small 1940s modest cottages.


Right at the end of Jump Off Joe, Newport, Oregon, they are building a massive new 3 story hotel or condo or SOMETHING with a ton of rooms.  This spot used to have a meager little home perched on it hoping it wouldn't slide into the ocean.


In 1982, a land developer attempted to build a condominium right out on Jump Off Joe, Newport, Oregon.  Below you see the parking lot that was the first floor, and the condo stretched maybe 30 yards forward.  I watched the construction happen and JUST as they finished, it started to slide and the whole thing was condemned, torn down, and removed (nobody ever stayed in it, not even for one night).  However, the parking lot was not removed, and what you'll notice is that it was so well made that after 24 years it doesn't have any cracks in it and it hasn't slid down the hill yet.  I kinda think somebody should build one home on the parking lot, or at least park a trailer on it.  They could have had 275 degrees of beach view for the last 24 years and it might have a few more years left before it slides into the ocean.


Same parking lot, looking from a different angle.


This is the massive new structure that is overlooking the ocean just a bit back from the previous condo disaster at Jump Off Joe, Newport, Oregon.


A random beach panorama from Jump Off Joe, Newport, Oregon.  This is what you will see from the windows in the new building in the picture above.


Down the road 1 block from Jump Off Joe, this is also ocean front with ocean views and a row of brand new massive homes (for sale) looking out over the ocean.  Notice the modest little blue home to the right and behind this big home.  That is what the size of all homes in this area used to be up until about 5 or 10 years ago.


A massive brand new home on the left, and one of the original little 1930s homes on the right.


Here is a little cottage perched precariously on a sandstone cliff.  Even walking around this cliff causes erosion, this home is on borrowed time.


This was a slightly older home, but has been renovated and made very nice.  I remember in the mid and late 1970s when a pile of hippies lived here, and their front door was a tie dyed sheet.  :-)  This house was a super cheap place for a hippie to live in the 1970s -> now it's worth half a million dollars.


The house that was in this spot was torn down for this nice, solid A-Frame my Great Uncle Lawrence Simmons built and lived in for several years.


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