Billy Balloons


Billy Ng went on vacation for two weeks and came back 4/7/04, so we filled his office with balloons for little to no reason, just something to pass the time while he was away.  Here are some pictures of the cube.


Middle of the second day of filling balloons, we're about half way there.  The whole company pitched in, it's a big task:


Getting there.


Almost full.


Whew!  Night before Billy comes back and we're finally finished.


Another shot.


The next day, Billy came back.  Here he is in front of his cube early in the morning.


Billy enters his cube to get to his computer.


Still working on finding his desk and chair.


The aftermath spilled down the hallways for a couple of days.  That's Tim Nufire holding a balloon talking with Billy in his cube (on the right with the streamers over it).


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