Mammoth Ski Trip, 2006


Some friends and I skied at Mammoth, California in March of 2006.  Below are some pictures from that trip.  Click on any picture for a MUCH larger version.


Below is the whole group that went on the trip in one picture taken at the top of the mountain.  Starting on the far left (a bit cut off) is Mike Chow, Brian Baird, Brady Nilsen, Brian Wohletz, Paul Wieneke, and me (Brian Wilson) on the far right.


Here we are waiting for the bus from our condo to the slopes on the morning of Saturday, March 4.  On the far left in blue is Brady Nilsen, Paul Wieneke, Brian Wohletz in the red jacket in back, Brian Baird, and Mike Chow on the far right.


Below is a panorama taken while we rode up the ski lift.


Same picture, but not a panorama.


Below is a panorama taken at the very very top of Mammoth.  Use your horizontal scrollbar to see the whole thing.


A self portrait of the three of us on a lift.  On the far left is Brian Baird, Brady in the middle, and me (Brian Wilson) taking the picture by holding the camera away from us.


A few "experts" about to take a run.


This is the Mammoth logo and mascot.


Riding up the gondola, on the left Brady and on the right Paul.


Taken on a gondola ride, looking down.


Random panorama of the slope.


Getting up the next morning, here is a panorama of our condo we stayed at.


Picture out the front of the bus as we take the 5 minute shuttle ride to the ski hill the morning of Sunday, March 5th.


The bus ride to the slopes in the morning.  Paul on the left, Brady in the middle, and Mike on the right.


Riding the lift up.


This isn't a member of our group, just a random skier kicking up some powder.


Look at how many people are on the mountain!  Here I am at Mammoth skiing with a million of my closest friends.



I took this picture over my shoulder to catch Paul on the left in the helmet, Brian Wohletz in the middle, and Mike Chow on the right.


Brian Baird took this picture of me.


Random panorama when we stopped near the end of the day.


Before our last run near the top of the mountain, as the sun is going down. 


Near the end of the day on Sunday, we have our traditional Kamikaze (a type of drink) out on the deck at the bottom of the ski area.  This is at "Eagle Lodge".  Paul on the left, Brady in the "I Know Nothing" MailFrontier T-shirt.  We had a toast for Garth Eliason, who could not join us on this trip.


A panorama to get everyone into the picture.  Brian Baird on the far left, Paul, Brady taking a drink, Brian Wohletz in red, and Mike chow on the far right.


The next morning (Monday, March 6th) we have to drive home.  It would have been a GREAT ski day if we could stay, here are 6 more inches and the snow is still coming down.


The driveway to our condo as we leave, the snow is pummeling down.


Pulling out of the town onto the highway for the drive home.


Below is a map of the town of Mammoth Lakes, with our condo info. 


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