Telluride Ski Trip, 2006


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I visited Telluride in March of 2006.  Below are some pictures.  Click on any picture for a MUCH larger version.  Click here for a town map and a lift map of the Telluride ski area.  Click here for a list of places to stay when in town.


Below is a picture inside Denver airport.  When you fly to Telluride, you probably go through the Denver Airport (DEN).  In the Denver Airport, Terminal A ends, but they have glued on the moral equivalent of a trailer home on the end to service the crappiest little puddle jumpers to small towns (like Telluride).  Below shows where the "nice" terminal ends, and the crappy trailer-park begins.  We call this "Gates A54 - A68".


Stash picked me up at TEX (Telluride Airport) which is a couple miles outside of town, and here we are driving back into town looking through his broken windshield.


This is a picture of the Sheridan Hotel on the left, and the view down Main Street in Telluride.  The chair lifts are two blocks to the right.


The next morning we go skiing!  Here is a panorama from the top of Prospect chair.  These are the views that surround you the whole time in Telluride, it is very beautiful.


Single photo taken about the same time as the above panorama.  The loan skier in the blue jacket is hiking up the ridge from where the top lift takes you on this section of the mountain.


Below is another panorama looking out over the valley from a different place on the mountain.  You can see the airport in the distance.  (If you need it pointed out, click here for a photo from another time with the airport circled in red.)

A picture taken from the gondola.


Random picture from the chair lift.


Pretty mountains.


More random mountain pictures.  Taken from the chair lift.


Panorama taken at Giuseppe's restaurant, at the top of Chair 9 in Telluride.


This picture is taken on Gold Hill at the top of a run called "Electra".  Click on the picture below to zoom in and read the signs.


Later at night I took this in Allred's Restaurant (I was playing with low light photos, and it didn't really work out. :-)


Breakfast in the morning (before skiing) with Lise Waring and Stash Wislocki.


As you get off Chair 9 in Telluride, these are the signs you see facing the lift.


Rusty on the left, Stash in the green jacket, and Lise in the blue on the right at the top of Chair 9.


Lise on the left, John Haggarty in black, and Stash on the right in green at the top of Chair 9.


Below is a panorama of the town of Telluride.  Use your horizontal scrollbar to see the whole town.  Click on the photo to get an ENORMOUS version.


At the top of Chair 10 is a children's area called "Enchanted Forest".


A little further along in the enchanted forest.

Every day at the end of the day at the bottom of Chair 8, the area outside of Camel's Garden Hotel (the old Wildflower bar) becomes a dog park for a few hours.  Here are some photos of that area around 4pm on Saturday.


Below is a panorama of the bottom of Chair 8 (near the Camel's Garden Hotel) around 4pm in the afternoon. 


Inside the Camel's Garden bar (this used to be called "Wildflower", now I'm not sure the name).


Late at night, Stash and Wallace on main street.


Polo is Lise's cat.  Here Polo is eating grass grown in a pot on the window sill (this is Polo's grass, Polo is allowed to eat it).


After a hard day of skiing, here I am taking a nap with Polo.  (Photo by Lise.)


A close up of Polo purring. 


Below are the Telluride lift ticket prices.  Yep, that's $76/day for a lift ticket!! 


On Sunday morning (3/19/06) we ran into Amy Schilling and Jodie Borzilleri and took a few runs.  From left to right in the picture below it is Stash in the yellow jacket, Jodie in the red jacket, Amy, and Lise Waring.


At lunch, this little girl was climbing on the roof of a building, I thought it made an interesting picture.


The picture below is taken near the top of Chair 7, you can see the town of Telluride down below in the valley.  You can ski just about straight down from this spot right into town if you are an expert skier.  The Telluride Trail winds around and takes longer, but is a little safer for the less advanced.


Same spot as above, a little panorama of a couple of snow boarders taking a rest and enjoying the view.


This next picture was taken from Chair 9.


Staring up the hill directly (under the lift) is the ski run "Kant-mak-m", on the right is the ski run "Mammoth".  Both are famous for being big long mogul (bump) runs.  You can see a couple of skiers standing down on the runs to give you an idea how large these runs are.


Every day as I walked to the lifts this dog was sleeping in the snow.  Seems a little cold to me, but he seemed happy.


Telluride Airport (TEX) is the highest commercial airport in the United States, the runway is at 9062 feet.  If you are a nervous flier, I wouldn't recommend flying in and out of it, but I always get a kick out of it.  I even paid for a glider ride at Telluride Airport once.  Click here to read about it.  The plaque below is hung inside the airport.


After skiing the morning of Monday, 3/20/06, here I am about to board the "Great Lakes" airline to fly out of Telluride to fly to Denver.


Changing planes at Denver airport in a snowstorm. 


Below is the "Great Lakes Airline Fleet" (3 planes, tied down in the snowstorm at Denver).  These are all small prop planes, driving by young pilots who can't get any better jobs.  :-)


I took this picture of Denver International Airport in a a snowstorm as I walked across the runway towards the terminal.


(Read a personal description of Backblaze here.)

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