2007 Family Reunion in Newport, Oregon

(7/23/07 - 7/27/07)


My family got together for a family reunion from July 23 - July 27, 2007.  Below are some pictures from the trip.  Click on any picture for a much larger version.  The people at the reunion with me (Brian Wilson) were my parents (Howard & Virginia Wilson), my brother and his family (Randy Wilson, Ramey Echt, Eli & Ari), and my sister and her family (Cheryl & Mark Hoffmann, Katie & Nathanael).

The two pictures below taken on Monday, July 23 shows I've got my coffee, it is 6:30am in the morning (upper right corner of GPS), the cruise control is set at 75 mph, and I have 9 hours of driving to do to get to the reunion.  :-)


A slightly better shot of the road (heading north on California Highway 505 towards I5).


The next morning (7/24/07, Tuesday) we got up at 7am and went for a walk on the beach which is a few blocks from our cabin.  Our family just replaced the old cabin with a new building on the same spot.  Click Here for some pictures and explanation of the cabin.


From left to right that's Mark Hoffmann, Nathanael, Katie, and Cheryl Hoffmann (my sister).  Their dog is "Molly".


Katie and Molly playing in the surf.


Mark and Molly.


Mark and the dog Molly playing in the surf on the beach in Newport Oregon.


Nathanael, Mark, and dog Molly.


In the afternoon, the same group headed out to fly kites at the beach in Newport, Oregon.


Katie is sitting in the chair flying the kite.


One of the kites we were flying is a 6 foot wide wing kite with two control lines and no "sticks" in it, it is like a paragliding wing.  The wnid was blowing at around 25 mph, and it was at our very limits to hold onto the kite and not have it pick us up and throw us down the beach.  :-)  It was very fun.  Below is Mark flying the big wing kite.


Below is a link to a YouTube video of flying kites on a beach in Newport, Oregon.  Click here for a MUCH HIGHER QUALITY version (Windows only, sorry, not for Apple Mactinosh!)


We also had a "Squid" kite, very simple circle on a single string.  Here it is just tied to a chair on the beach.  The cliff behind the chair is Jump Off Joe, Newport, Oregon.  Click here for an aerial photo map of Jump Off Joe cliff on the beach in Newport, Oregon.


The next morning of Wednesday, 7/25/07 a bunch of us went for another walk at sunrise on the beach in Newport, Oregon.  From left to right that's Cheryl, Nathanael, Mark (with dog Molly), Ramey in blue in front, Randy in back, Ari in purple top, and Eli on the far right in white baseball cap.


Ramey and her daughter Ari.


Strolling towards the jetty in Newport, Oregon.


Climbing around on rocks on the beach in Newport, Oregon.


The picture below is taken standing on the north jetty in Newport, Oregon, looking back at the Yaquina Bay Bridge which crosses in front of the harbor.


The picture below is taken from the same spot as the picture above, but facing out to sea along the north jetty in Newport, Oregon.


Throwing rocks off the north jetty in Newport, Oregon.


Mark and Ari and Molly playing on the north jetty in Newport, Oregon.


Walking home from the jetty, from left to right it is: Randy, Eli, Ramey, Ari, Cheryl, Mark, Nathanael, and dog Molly.


Later in the afternoon we went to the beach to play and fly kites again, here are some pictures.


Katie is flying a two control string "acrobatic kite" in the picture below.  By pulling on the left or right control strings you can get the kite to swoop left or right, or even loop all the way over.


We went site-seeing up to Otter Rock (which is also right next to the "Devil's Punchbowl").  Below are Howard (my dad), Ari (his grand-daughter), Eli (grandson), and Virginia (my mom).


Our whole family with Otter Rock out in the ocean behind us on the Oregon Coast, just north of Newport, Oregon.


At the same stop is "The Devil's Punchbowl", which is shown below in a stitched together panorama.  It's hard to see, but it's a circular land with a tunnel into it where the ocean rushes in and out of it.


We spotted some whales, here is our group staring out over the ocean trying to see the whales spout.


In the gift shop they had a half-tame squirrel that you feed and it lives in the shop.  Below is Ari feeding the squirrel.


Down at the old wharf front main street in Newport, Oregon.  We went to eat at "Mo's Clam Chowder" which is a 50 year old famous place in Newport, Oregon.


Here we are at "Mo's".  (Actually we are at the "Mo's Annex" which is across the street from the original.)


The next day of Thursday, 7/27/07 we went to the beach again (big surprise!)  Below is Eli flying the big wing kite, which for his little tiny frame can pull him down the beach.


Eli trying to keep the kite under control.  You can see the two control string setup in Eli's hands in the picture below.


The kite has the MOST PULL when it is exactly down-wind from you and low (near the beach).  If you place the kite off to the side or very high, Eli can manage the pull, but when it swings across low and downwind it drags him down the beach.  The picture below shows him fighting this with all his might.  :-)


Here is the "kite launch" as the person helping lets go of the 6 foot wing.  Eli (lower right of the picture) has the control strings.


Randy teaching Ramey how to control the kite with the two control strings.


Here Randy and Ramey are flying the little acrobatic kite together.


Now Ramey is flying the kite alone.


Eli flying a "Red Baron Triplane" kite.


Randy, Ari, Ramey, and Eli posing.


Cousins Ari, Nathanael, Eli, and dog Molly.


Later, back at the cabin, Ramey is trying to warm up by snuggling right up against the gas stove heater.


The next morning of Friday, 7/27/07 David Buehler and Paige Buehler dropped by with their two kids Annika and Hayden.  Below are David, Paige, and Annika.


The kids at breakfast.  Ari on the far left in pink, Nathanael Eli, Hayden, and Annika.


Playing frisbee on Nye Beach with David and Paige and their family.


Building "drip sand castles" on Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon. 


I left at 2:30pm for the 11 hour drive home to Palo Alto, California.  Here is the sign pointing the way out of Newport, Oregon.


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