2008 Sailboating in San Francisco Bay



On Saturday, 8/30/08 six of us went sailboating in San Francisco Bay.  We rented the Catalina 34 Sailboat with a skipper (Zach) from Cass's Marina in Sausalito.  Below are some pictures and movies from that day.  Click on any picture below for an ENORMOUS version.

Below is our group, from left to right Casey Jones, Billy Ng, Evelyn Wong, Ali Nufire, Tim Nufire, and standing up above Tim and Ali is our hired Captain Zach.


Here we are under motor power getting out of Sausalito Harbor about to open the sails.


Captain Zach on the left at the wheel, Ali and Tim on the right.


Evelyn, Billy, and Captain Zach again at the wheel.


Casey on the left, Billy on the right.  (Evelyn thrown forward and missed the picture.)


We decided to "Charge the Gate" right at the start of our little sailboat ride.  This means "Run the sailboat up to the Golden Gate Bridge" (the Golden Gate can be seen below on the right of the picture).  The wind really rips in through the Golden Gate, and this and the tide rushing in and out through the "gate" (choke point) causes wind, waves, and general mayhem, which is very fun on a sailboat.  Below we are under sail and have lots of power and are about to "Charge the Gate".  Notice the sail boat is "heeled over" (leaning to port/left) because the wind is coming at us from starboard/right.


Click the "Play Movie" button below to watch a short one minute YouTube video of our sailboat charging towards the Golden Gate BridgeFor WINDOWS ONLY Click Here for a MUCH HIGHER QUALITY Windows Media format movie.  At the end of the movie we have turned around and are sailing away from the Golden Gate Bridge which is why it is a much calmer ride.


As we charge towards the Golden Gate Bridge in our sailboat, below is a picture of Billy with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  Notice the Bridge is flat, and our sailboat is heeled over (leaned over) at almost a 45 degree angle because the wind is blowing hard.


Here we are, right under the Golden Gate Bridge in our Sailboat in the San Francisco Bay.


Just as we turned around, a helicopter flew UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge.  Billy caught one picture.  You can see the helicopter AFTER it has passed under the bridge below pointed out by the big red arrow.  Click on the picture for a higher resolution original.


After we turn around and everything is calmer, Evelyn flashes the peace sign.  The Golden Gate bridge is behind her to the left.


Evelyn smiling in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Sailing away from the Golden Gate Bridge, this is the cockpit of our Catalina 34 with our group.


Here is a picture to prove I was actually on the boat and not just taking pictures. :-)  Billy took this picture of me taking my turn steering the sailboat.


A little while along, we pass around Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay on our sailboat. 


Cruising along in nice wind, that's Ali and Casey leaning against the side of the sailboat in San Francisco Bay.  Captain Zach at the helm.


At the end of the day, we head back to our home port at Cass's Marina.  Below is a panorama as we head back to Sausalito, California.


All done!


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