2009 Corvallis Neighborhood Wildlife



What is this web page about?

I grew up in Corvallis, Oregon and my parents still live there in a neighborhood at the outskirts of Corvallis.  Over a couple of visits I collected these pictures and movies of deer and turkeys and other wildlife that wanders through their neighborhood.   Click on any picture for a much larger version. 


Below is the front of my parent's home in Corvallis, Oregon.  It is at 1275 Heather Drive, Corvallis, Oregon.


Across the street from the house, below are two deer meandering about in the front yards and street.


Another two deer I took a picture of while I walked around.


Below is a short movie I took of a few deer I got close too.  Filmed on my pocket camera zoomed in so it's a little shakey.  :-)  If you own a Macintosh, you can CLICK HERE for a high quality QuickTime version.


Same corner across from my parent's home at a different time, here is a wild turkey walking around.


A close up of the wild turkey from the picture above.


Driving in the neighborhood, I came to a stop next to this deer, rolled down the passenger window, and took this picture.  The deer are pretty tame around here.  :-)


Below are five deer in the road.


Two deer.


Ok, if you LOOK CLOSELY there is a deer hiding at the very center of the picture below.  I almost missed him!  Remember you can click on the picture below to zoom in and see the deer.


A deer resting near a house under a tree.


A deer staring at me wondering what I'm doing.


Two deer in the picture below watch me as I walk by but do not get up out of their beds.


There is a deer in the CENTER of the picture below, do you see him?  Deer blend right into the world around them.  :-)


This is a close up of the same deer seen in the picture above.  Now we see him clearly.


A mother deer with her fawn in the forest.


There is a deer in the picture below.  It's like playing "Where's Waldo?"  :-)  Hint: he is 1/4th of the way from the left side of the picture centered vertically.  Standing behind a bush.


The deer below is playing peek-a-boo.


A couple of deer off in the distance.


Two very cute spotted fawns watching me.


There is a deer in the picture below.  He is at the end of the road, in the dead center of the picture.  Click on the picture below to zoom in on him.


A deer I spooked up out of bush and is walking away from me.


A family of deer on the hill.


A cute little fawn.


There are two deer in the picture below.  The one on the right is a yearling buck (male deer) that has two fuzzy spike antlers.


A couple of deer in the forest.


A deer watching me frozen.


Below is a deer up on the hill, do you see him?


Some wild turkeys in the neighborhood.


A close up of one of the turkeys.


That's it for now!


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