2010 Backblaze Holiday Party


On Thursday, 12/21/10 Backblaze had a small holiday party in San Mateo.  We had just moved into the San Mateo office on November 29th, 2010.  There were 9 employees plus a contractor named Brian "SBrian" White (marked with "*" if not at this party):

  1. Brian Wilson
  2. Casey Jones
  3. Billy Ng
  4. Gleb Budman
  5. Tim Nufire
  6. Damon Uyeda
  7. Nilay Patel *
  8. Casey Christensen
  9. Sean Harris
  10. Contractor Brian "SBrian" White*

From left to right around the table below in a tent out back of ?? restaurant in San Mateo: Katherine Chung, Gleb Budman, Katia Bloom, Billy Ng, ?unknown Casey Jones date? Tim Nufire, Ali Nufire, Casey (KC2) Christensen, Jenn Christensen, Sean Harris, and Mariana Harris.


Jenn, Sean, and Mariana.


Tim Nufire, Katherine Chung, Brian Wilson (me).


Katia talking with Damon, Billy in the back.


?unknown Casey date?, Casey Jones, Gleb Budman, Ali Nufire.


And that's it!


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