Brian's Guest list for extra room in Cottage

(took possession guest room 8/19/2010)

I took possession of the guestroom of the beach cottage (the downstairs pictured above) on 8/19/2010.  This simple page is to keep straight dates people want to come stay.  Click here for guest instructions.


Night of Tuesday, January 10th - Randy

Night of Saturday, January 14th - Kristina Pappas
Night of Sunday, January 15th - Kristina Pappas


Below here are pictures, comments, and dates of when people stayed in the past.  Email me if you want any edits.

Night of Wed, Sept 1st - Randy Wilson (First Guest!), below eating dinner with Brian, Katherine, and Lise.  The brand new shower wasn't quite finished, so Randy had to take a shower upstairs in the morning.


Night of Sat, Sept 4th and Sun, Sept 5th - Lise Waring and Pete Scheidl.  Here they are sipping coffee on Sunday morning on the dock:


Night of Sat, Oct 9th - Bruce and Travis
Night of Sun, Oct 10th - Bruce and Travis


Night of Tue, Oct 12th - Tami Jones and Doug Herman.


Night of Fri, Oct 22nd - Kids slumber party (Jim Kibblewhite)
Night of Sat, Oct 23rd - Adults party (Jim Kibblewhite)
Night of Sun, Oct 24th - Adults party (Jim Kibblewhite) - Below is the DJ area, dance floor (on dock) and fire pit on Saturday night


Night of Tue, Oct 26th - Randy Wilson (thumbnail below)


Night of Sat, Nov 6th - Lise & Pete


Night of Sat, Nov 20th - Alene Brisbane Santini (Center below)
Night of Sun, Nov 21st - Alene's Sister (?name?)


Alene's birthday party (Saturday), she cooked up 10 lobster and had several people by.


Night of Sun, Nov 21st - Saa Kibblewhite stays in her old bedroom.  Picture below is Saa and Brian upstairs.  Saa lived for 30 (?) years in this house, her bedroom was the downstairs which is now the guest house.  The house was lovingly rebuilt and renovated in the last 10 years.  Brian (me) is the current resident.


Same location, camera on a tripod:

Night of Sat, Nov 27th - Freeman Murray


Night of Sat, Dec 4th - Jason Knight & Jane Lee.


Night of Tue, Dec 21st - Randy & Ramey
Night of Wed, Dec 22nd - Randy & Ramey
Night of Thu, Dec 23rd - Randy & Ramey
Night of Fri, Dec 24th - Randy & Ramey
Night of Sat, Dec 25th- Randy & Ramey


Night of Fri, Dec 31st - Alexandra's father (no picture)


Night of Fri, Jan 28th - Garth & Linda
Night of Sat, Jan 29th - Garth & Linda


Night of Sat, Feb 12th - Billy and Evelyn


Night of Tuesday, Feb 15th - Howard & Virginia, and Randy
Night of Wed, Feb 16th - Only Howard & Virginia.


Night of Fri, Feb 18th & Sat, Feb 19th - President's day weekend - "The Girls" - from left to right below is Natasha, Heather, Jessie (another Pacifica resident), Katherine, Colleen, Lynn. Missing are Shawn and Pam who showed up later and missed the picture. Dogs in picture are Riley and Chou Chou.  Ghostly image in the window is me (Brian) taking the picture. :-)

Picture from "The Girls" weekend.  Heather and Natasha and Tuesday.

Tuesday sitting in Chou Chou's bed, that's Chou on the right.


Night of Sunday, March 14th - Lise & Pete Scheidl


Night of Friday, March 18th - Friends of Jim Kibblewhite in from Hawaii (no pictures :-( I was out of town)


Night of Wed, March 30st - Randy (Eric and Lise came by for dinner)

Night of Sat, April 2nd - Ari & Cody
Night of Sun, April 3rd - Ari & Cody
Depart Mon, April 4th - Ari & Cody


Night of Sat, April 9th - Jenny's bachelorette party.  From left to right: Katherine, Barbara, Amy, Kristina, Suzanne, Kartika, Jenny, and Gina on the far right.


Night of Thursday, April 23rdth - Michelle bicycled to Pacifica with Kyle and Michelle stayed overnight in the guestroom.


Night of Sunday, May 7th - Katherine's parents Ki () and Yong (용)
Night of Mon, May 8th - Katherine's parents, pictured below


Yong (용) falls asleep on the couch with the kitty (Fido) and doggy (Chou Chou) sleeping on him.  Katherine looks amused.


At a very low tide, Yong (용) goes out in front of the dock and looks in the tide pools.  Chou Chou decides this is great fun and comes along.


Night of Tue, May 17th - Jessica and Stefan (car broke down outside San Francisco, emergency stay for a few days)
Night of Wed, May 18th - Jessica and Stefan
Night of Thu, May 19th - Jessica and Stefan

Closer up:


Night of Tue, May 24th - Kerry and Hillary (Alene's friends)
Night of Wed, May 25th - Kerry and Hillary
Night of Thu, May 26th - Kerry and Hillary
Night of Fri, May 27th - Kerry and Hillary
Night of Sat, May 28th - Kerry and Hillary
Night of Sun, May 29th - Kerry and Hillary


Night of Tue, June 7th - Randy


Night of Thu, June 9th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Fri, June 10th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Sat, June 11th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Sun, June 12th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Mon, June 13th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Tue, June 14th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Wed, June 15th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Thu, June 16th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Fri, June 17th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Sat, June 18th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Sun, June 19th - Dave (Chelsea's dad)
Night of Mon, June 20th - Dave (Chelsea's dad) - Below Dave enjoys a glass of wine in a nice evening sunset by the beach.

Night of Tue, June 21st - Saa (on cleanup and organization, thanks Saa!!)
Night of Wed, June 22nd - Saa
Night of Thu, June 23rd - Saa


Night of Thursday, July 14th - Ari & Cody arrive 11:40pm
Night of Friday, July 15th - Ari & Cody 
Night of Saturday, July 16th - Ari & Cody 
Night of Sunday, July 17th - Ari & Cody - Fly home Monday July 18th at 6am

Ari and Cody found Fido in the guestroom bed:


Night of Fri, July 22th - Brady - Arrive Fri July 22 9 PM
Night of Sat, July 23rd - Brady - Fly home Sun July 24 Dep SFO 2:49 PM

Below Brady Nilsen on the dock.


We went to a baseball game on Saturday, 7/23/2011, starting around 6pm.  San Francisco Giants vs Milwaukee Brewers.  Below is a picture (batter just got a hit).


Around 10:30am, Sunday, 7/24/2011, Brian and Brady went for a sea kayak for an hour.  We went out far enough to see the houses on Shelter Cove.  Picture by Katherine.


Below is a picture taken from the sea kayak, Brady in foreground looking towards the beach.  (Picture taken on HP Veer cellphone.)


Night of Fri, Jul 29th - James & Michelle
Night of Sat, Jul 30th -  James & Michelle


We fired up the wood fired hot tub for the very first time (it has been used before, but not by me or my friends).  Below are Michelle and James cleaning it out before filling it with clean water.


Below Michelle and James are in the hot tub overlooking the fire pit and the ocean waves.


Graham Becker drops by for 1 hour during a layover at SFO airport:


Afternoon of Sat, Aug 6th - Reception for the passing of a local Pedro Point man (Jason Johnson):


Night of Sun, Aug 7th - Saa house sitting
Night of Mon, Aug 8th - Saa house sitting
Night of Tue, Aug 9th - Saa house sitting
Night of Wed, Aug 10th - Saa house sitting
Night of Thu, Aug 12th - Saa house sitting
Night of Fri, Aug 13th - Saa house sitting
Night of Sat, Aug 14th - Saa house sitting


Night of Tue, Aug 23th - Katie - Fly into SFO arrive 4pm
Night of Wed, Aug 24th - Katie
Night of Thu, Aug 25th - Katie
Night of Fri, Aug 26th - Katie - the next day on Saturday Aug 27 Katie departs SFO at 4:30pm

Katie feeding the Emu:


Night of Sat, Sept 3 - Jim Palm Tree BBQ - erected 50 foot tall "fake" palm tree made out of steel pole and real "fronds" on top (see below).  Relaxed BBQ and surfing.
Night of Sun, Sept 4 - Jim Palm Tree BBQ
Night of Mon, Sept 5 - Jim Palm Tree BBQ

Night of Tues, Sept 6 - Jason Knight - was in town taking care of Sway business, we went to La Playa for Margaritas and food, Jason stayed overnight.


Night of Sat, Sept 10 - Moira House sitting and taking care of the fur kids (picture below holding Chou Chou)
Night of Sun, Sept 11 - Moira House sitting
Night of Mon, Sept 12 -Moira House sitting


Night of Friday, Sept 23rd - Randy (staying over for Jean-Claude Latomb's retirement party).  We had a small BBQ on the deck with Pete, Randy, Eric, Eric, Marty, and Lise.  Randy and Marty were the same age in high school, played on the soccer team together.  Lise and I were the same age, Eric went to the OTHER high school in Corvallis and is a year older, and Pete and Lise spent time in Telluride but did not know each other back then.


Night of Wed, Sept 21 - Saa
Night of Thu, Sept 21 - Saa

Night of Mon, Sept 26 - Freeman and Rhea
Night of Tues, Sept 27 - Freeman and Rhea

Night of Wed, Sept 28, 2011 - Sarah Steinberg
Night of Thu, Sept 29, 2011 - Sarah Steinberg
Night of Fri, Sept 30, 2011 - Sarah Steinberg & Freeman


Night of Sat, Oct 1 - Saa
Night of Sun, Oct 2 - Saa

Night of Sat, Oct 8 - Saa
Night of Sun, Oct 9 - Saa
Night of Mon, Oct 10 - Saa

Night of Sat, Oct 15 - Saa
Night of Sun, Oct 16 - Saa - Also Camera rental on deck.  Click here for Hundreds of Telephoto Camera Pictures


Night of Tue, Oct 18th - Jason Knight


Night of Sat, Oct 22nd - Casey Jones and Connie (Constance) Cheung (fundraiser for Connie's India trip). 


Night of Tue, Nov 1 - Saa

Night of Thursday, Nov 9th, 2011 - Molly Wescott Ryan and husband Bob Ryan did not stay overnight, but came for a couple hours and dinner and saw guestroom.


Night of Thu, Nov 17 - Alene's 50th birthday (no pictures, didn't even see or hear her!  :-)

Night of Fri, Nov 18 - Chip and Robin came through, got 20 minute tour, drove on up to Eureka then Oregon.

Night of Thursday, Nov 24th - Katherine's parents Ki (기) and Yong (용) and Katherine's brother Will, seen below.


Night of Thursday, Dec 8th - Ramey (Gail's funeral)
Night of Friday, Dec 9th - Ramey
Night of Saturday, Dec 10th - Ramey


Sunday Dec 11th a few hours at night - Alene and jewelry party with the girls (see below)


Another on the same day, for some reason this is out of focus:


On Dec 19, 2011, Barbara Olsen came to visit.  She is the daughter of Bob Olsen who once owned the beach house.  Click here for Bob Olsen pictures.  Barbara did not stay the night, but here she is in the guest room.  Her daughter (Laura Meyer) is on the far left, then Saa, Laura's son Ryan (in the back), then Barbara in blue, and Penny on the far right.  Saa lived in this house for years and helped take care of Bob Olsen as he got older, and Penny has lived next door for 40 years and knew Bob Olsen well.


Another picture, the new person on far right is Katherine.


A picture outside with Saa kissing Barbara.


From left to right this is Laura, Barbara, Ryan (in back), Dick and Penny.



Night of Tues, Dec 27th - Cheryl, Mark, Nathanael - arrive SFO at 5:49pm
Night of Wed, Dec 28th - Cheryl, Mark, Nathanael
Night of Thurs, Dec 29th - Cheryl, Mark, Nathanael - Alcatraz tour at 11am
Night of Fri, Dec 30th - Cheryl, Mark, Nathanael
Morning of Sat, Dec 31st - depart SFO at 11:41am

Here are Nathanael Hoffmann, Cheryl Hoffmann (my sister, Nathanael's mom) and Mark Hoffmann (Cheryl's husband) at the final day before leaving for the airport.

On the lower deck:


This is a "fake" picture of us in front of Alcatraz.  We're standing in front of a billboard, there was no blue sky the day we went.


On Thursday we toured Alcatraz Island together.  Below we are arriving off the ferry in the fog to the island.  See, no blue sky!


And here is Cheryl, Nathanael, and Mark looking like hardened criminals (but taking the audio tour).



All done!

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