2010 Pacifica Dock Party

(Saturday - 10/23/2010)

A party was held on the dock where I live in Pacifica on Saturday, 10/23/2010.  The people who held the party put an enormous amount of work into it and it was a really amazing party, everybody had a good time.  The weather was raining, storming, and blowing, and so the hosts put up their Burning Man style parachute tents (from "Lush Camp" at Burning Man) over the dock to help provide cover.  Below are some pictures.  Click on any picture for a larger version.  The pictures and video on this web page were mostly taken by Stuart Cheshire who came to visit me during the party.

Below is a picture of the Burning Man style parachute tents setup on the party in advance, preparing for the raining and storming that occurred Saturday night.  Picture taken from above.


Another angle on the parachutes to keep the rain off the party goers.


One final angle from the beach.  In this picture you can see the "video wall" (the white square in the picture) that was setup for a children's movie night, the first night of the weekend before the main adult's party.


From above on the levee.


Kind of a close up as it rained closer to the party.



Saturday night, the dancers and DJs ignored the rain and wind and everybody had a good time.  In the picture below, notice the wet dock under the party goer's feet.


The DJs were setup in a decorated area (seen below) that was slightly protected from the rain and wind with heat lamps and an open walled building.  If you look closely, that is a Macintosh Laptop as a core part of the DJ's equipment.


A closeup of the DJ mixer turntablist area with the Macintosh Laptop.


The picture below is the same angle as the picture above, just backed up a little so you an see the fire pit roaring away near the dancing party goers.


There were fire dancers there at the party, below is a woman with 12 inch flaming sticks she is dancing with.  Also notice the guy standing on the right of the picture with a white towel in his hands.  The towel is soaked with water, and he is there as a safety measure if anything goes wrong.  I really like this sort of experience where everybody is having a great time, but quietly the organizers of the party prepare for issues and problems, and protect their guests and performers. 


Another picture of the fire dancer.


Here the fire dancer is dancing with a party goer.


A different stage of the fire dancing.


Below is a high quality movie in QuickTime format (Windows users probably won't be able to play it!!) of a few scenes in the party, to get a feel for the type of music being played and what was going on.  Original Click Here.


The second floor of the party, nearer the top of the parachute tents.


This party is on a dock in Pacifica.  The picture below taken standing near the edge.


A picture of the firepit during the party.


The main dance floor (on the dock) from a different angle.


A picture from a walkway above the dock.  There are BBQs setup that served food to guests around dinner time, and picnic tables for people to eat at.


The organizers setup an art installation I think was originally created for Burning Man.  It is a 5 foot tall metal flower that shoots flames.  Below you can see it as the bright light in the center of the picture (it is mounted on a pole on the dock pointing out to sea).


Another picture of the flower.  If you look really closely you can see the flower ABOVE the light (the bright spot is not the flame from the flower but a dock light).


Here is a closeup of the buring metal flower.


And here the burning metal flower shoots flame out the end.


Another picture of the metal flower attached to the dock throwing flame out over the ocean.


Random picture of the party.


The party went on all night in classic Burning Man style, and the next morning there was still a DJ performing, still a few dancers out, a dog.


A few people milling about, a couple dancers, this was taken about 8am.  Notice the wet dock, it rained all night.


On the dock are suspended "hammocks" like the one shown below.  In Burning Man style, people are crashed out sleeping as the sun comes up and some of the organizers start making breakfast for the guests still around.


All done!


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