2010 Thanksgiving in Pacifica



We had our traditional relaxed Thanksgiving thing in Pacifica on 11/26/2010 for the first time.  Brian Wilson (me), Katherine Chung, Eric Hawkes, Logan Hawkes, Billy Ng, Evelyn Wong, and Anbu Anbalagapandian came.  Below is a picture of the table set for dinner, and in the background you can see a sea kayak out on the water.


A close up of the sea kayak reveals he is carrying a crab pot.


A better picture of the table.


Anbu Anbalagapandian took some photos which were very good, so I borrowed some and put them up here.  Below is Katherine and Brian.


Anbu's photo of Katherine and Chou Chou.


A close up of Chou Chou.


Billy and Evelyn and their dog Tiffany.


Close up of Tiffany.

That's it!


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