Howard and Virginia Wilson 50th Wedding Anniversary


Howard and Virginia Wilson (my parents) were married on August 27, 1960 at 2:00 p.m.  They were married at Christ Lutheran Church, Niantic, PA.  To celebrate their 50th anniversary as a married couple ("Gold Anniversary") our family gathered to celebrate at their house in Corvallis, Oregon.  Below are some pictures.  Click on any picture for a much larger version.

First, a scanned picture from the original wedding.


Another scanned photo from the original wedding.  The women in the picture were wearing "powder blue" dresses.


Below is the family hanging out together in Corvallis, 50 years later.


There are deer that wander around the house, here is one looking in through the living room window.


Same room as above, but in the morning with three sleeping kids and no deer.


The family having breakfast (picture by Katie).


Another picture of deer.  They are so tame they don't run away when I take pictures from 10 feet away.  Notice the little spotted fawn and her mother peeking around the corner of the house at me curiously.


The Wilson family preparing dinner.  Too many cooks in the kitchen.


Virginia Wilson in purple.  (Her grand-daughter Ari Echt-Wilson is facing away from the camera.)


Brian putting the BBQ turkey on the table.


Everybody sitting down to dinner.  From left to right around the table is Virginia Wilson, Ari Echt-Wilson, Cheryl Hoffmann, Mark Hoffmann, Nathanael Hoffmann, Eli Echt-Wilson, Howard Wilson, Katie Hoffmann, Randy Wilson, Ramey Echt (and the empty chair is mine, Brian Wilson).


At the end of the meal, Randy stands up to say a few words and make a toast (picture by Katie).


The toast (picture by Katie).


From left to right in back that is Nathanael Hoffmann, Mark Hoffmann, Cheryl Hoffmann, Brian Wilson (me), Randy Wilson, and Ramey Echt.  From left to right in front is Katie Hoffmann, Howard Wilson, Virginia Wilson, Ari Echt-Wilson, Eli Echt-Wilson.


Virginia Wilson (in purple), her daughter Cheryl Hoffmann (in red), and Cheryl's daughter Katie in blue and white looking through a photo album together.


Ari, Nathanael, and Eli bonding over an iPad game.


We went out to look at Corvallis, and visited Avery Park.  In Avery Park is a steam locomotive for kids to play on.  Here is the plaque.


Below is a picture of the locomotive, which is for kids to play on.


Two kids playing on the locomotive: Brian and Ari.  (Some kids don't grow up?)


Cheryl on the locomotive.


Virginia Wilson, oldest kid on the locomotive this day.


Ari on the left facing the camera, and Virginia, Cheryl, and Katie walking down the hill toward the "Dinosaur Bones".  We played on the dinosaur bones as kids 30 years ago.


Below Brian stands on the first dinosaur bone explaining "the rules".  You start on one end, and see if you can make it to the other end of the bones without touching the ground.


Brian (me) demonstrates a leap from one bone to another.  Probably not the brightest thing for a 44 year old to be doing.  Picture by Cheryl with Katie's camera.


Ari on the right making progress.


Brian completes the bones (not the first time for Brian, but the first time in 25 years).


Ari tries to figure out how to navigate the last bone.


Her final technique.


Ari completes the bones!


Katie tries a different technique for the last bone.


Katie completes the dinosaur bones!


After dinner some nights we would walk the neighborhood looking for deer.  Picture below by Katie.


On a walk around the neighborhood, we spotted this buck (male deer) with velvet still on his antlers.


As the night winds down, the family getting ready for bed talking and playing board games in the family room.


All done!


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