2011 Melanie Graduation


On Friday, 5/27/2011 Melanie Marie Louise Galindo-Huaume graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton, California. Here are some pictures from that day.  Click on any picture to get a HUGE version of that photo.  Below is the scanned in "Program of Events":


Below is a panorama of the entire graduating class of 2011.  Click on the picture below to see a more zoomed in version that so you can recognize students.


Jumping back in time, the high school graduation ceremony started at 5pm, below is the soccer field getting setup for the ceremony.


As the band played "Pomp and Circumstance", you can see the graduating class milling about behind the shaded area behind them.


The faculty walks in.


The first few students come in.


The valedictorian Gianna Maceda gives her speech.  You can see her standing behind the podium far to the right of the block of sitting students.


Here is a zoomed in shot of Gianna Maceda giving her Valedictorian speech at the Sacred Heart graduation.


Another panorama of all of the students.


One by one, each student's name is called and they receive their diploma.  Below Melanie Galindo is receiving hers.  (Sorry, you cannot see her face.)


Melanie (far left in white) walks away with her high school diploma in hand.


Melanie (far left in white) takes a somber moment to contemplate what she is holding in her hands.


Another random shot of the entire ceremony.


As the class of 2011 is presented, they all throw their mortar boards (hats) in the air.


Then the students walk out in a precession.


The student precession leaving the ceremony.


More students in the precession.


Three generations that all attended Sacred Heart.  From left to right: Christina Galindo (who is Melanie's mother, in blue), Melanie Marie Louise Galindo-Huaume in white, and Christina's mother on the far right.  All three of these ladies attended this Sacred Heart school.


The photo below is a "throw away" because Melanie was whipping her hair out of her face when it was taken, but I still like it.


After the ceremony, there were snacks and a few pictures and then the graduating class was whisked away to the senior party at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk for an all night party.  You can see the busses behind Adriana and Melanie in the picture below. Pictured below: Adriana on the left, Melanie on the right in black.    Adriana is Melanie's cousin. 


After the ceremony we mill about and chat.


On the far left is Sebastian, and Adriana is in the brown sweater, their father Montxu in light blue shirt, their mother Judy in black hair and sunglasses (below and to left of red balloon) and ?? in sunglasses and black hair to the lower right of the balloon.


From left to right: Adriana (in gray), her mother Judy in black hair behind her, Judy's mom in pearls, Melanie (the graduate) in black center, and in blue on far right is Melanie's mother Christina. 


Three friends: Melanie (left in black), ?? guy in center ??, ?? woman in white and glasses??


Sebastian and Melanie.  They are cousins.


As I leave the graduation, they are tearing down the soccer field and cleaning up.


A few minutes later, everybody except the graduates goes to Christina's house in Portola Valley for a post graduation party (Melanie has gone off to her all night senior party at this point).


From left to right: Christina in blue with cup, facing away from camera sitting down in blue shirt is ??, Sabastian standing, ?? sitting down in tan pants, and Adriana in red top pointing at the camera.


Inside Christina's kitchen.


At the back of Christina's kitchen facing the other way.


Melanie's cake which she will never see because we ate it.  :-)


As the party winds down, a few people talk in the dining room.   On the far left is Arnie.


All done!


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