2016 Pismo Beach

(8/19/2016 - 8/20/2016)



On 8/19/2016 Brian and Katherine drove to Pismo Beach, California to celebrate a few anniversaries and birthdays.  Below is the flier:


Friday night (August `9, 2016) we arrived and checked into our hotel as the sun was setting.  The bright sunsets are due to wildfires burning out of control in this area.  Below is the view from our private balcony over looking the beach at the Sandcastle Inn in Pismo Beach.


As the sun sets, we have some champagne with our friends Will and Lia.  Below is Katherine.


Katherine, Will, and Lia on their private deck.


The next day we go to Kevin and Jennifer's condo in "Pismo Shores" in Pismo Beach, California.


A couple feet away down this path is the pool and club house.  Notice the ocean in the distance.


A few feet down that path seen above you see the pool and club house of "Pismo Shores" which is beach front.


Party in the club house.


Party goers.


Jennifer and Kevin hired "Henna Tattoo Artists" to come by and decorate people's hands and arms and backs.


The henna artist at work.


This is Kevin and Jennifer's 20th wedding anniversary.


The theme is Moroccan tonight. 


There is tzatziki.  A lot of tzatziki.


The most successful parties get a visit (or two) from the police, paramedics, or fire department, and our party got a visit from all three!  A woman had a seizure by the pool, probably had the seizure due to low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia).  A quick nod to how AMAZINGLY FAST the Pismo Beach paramedics arrived, it was like 90 seconds from when we called until they showed up. 


The paramedics helping her into the stretcher.


She was COMPLETELY unconscious for about one minute "seizing" but just a few minutes later she is talking, knows where she is, and waves to the kids as the paramedics take her away.


A picture of the fire engine that showed up.


Her ambulance.


By the swimming pool in the Pismo Shores club house there is this button.  I'm not sure if it cuts off the water in the swimming pool or....?   That is a bad user interface.


Jennifer and Kevin hired a belly dancer named Majida to come teach the ladies how to belly dance.  Here she is below.


Kevin and Jennifer with friends.


Will walking into Jennifer and Kevin's vacation condo.


A picture of the insides of Jennifer and Kevin's vacation condo at Pismo beach.


At 7pm we migrated to the beach for some S'mores and beach volleyball.  We noticed these three Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey Aircraftt flying overhead.


Katherine and Lia bundled up against the chill on the beach.


As the sun sets, people make S'mores and talk and play volleyball.


The sun sets over Pismo Beach.


Sunday morning - the view from our hotel room's balcony at the Sandcastle Inn.


Our hotel room in the Sancastle Inn at Pismo Beach, California.


I'm standing in the same position as I took the above picture, just zoomed to the balcony door so you can see the view.


And we drove home Sunday morning!


That's it!

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