2018 New Smartcar from Los Angeles




On 9/30/2018 Katherine and Brian flew down to Los Angeles to buy a very rare car: a 2016 Smartcar (gasoline).  Gas Smartcars are no longer sold new in the United States, and will never again be imported into the United States, so this is one of the very last of it's kind, very rare.  Interestingly, this is one of the highest performance cars ever made regarding ability to park in dense, dysfunctional cities like San Francisco.  :-)

We flew down at 7:30am out of San Francisco Airport.  Click here for a video of Katherine getting a pat-down by SFO's TSA agents.

The picture below is before Katherine took a test drive of the new Smartcar.


While Katherine was on her test drive, I took this picture of the used car dealership.  The dealership is called "ASAL Autosports".  They sell mostly very high end Mercedes and BMWs.


A tricked out Mini-Cooper Convertible.


One of the owners of Asal Autosports is Matthew (seen below in red shirt) and he helped fill out our paperwork.


The car pictured below is some sort of Mercedes AMG V8 - Kompressor model. Possibly something like the ""55" 5.4 L V8 KOMPRESSOR".


Front grill of the Mercedes AMG V8-Kompressor.


Rear end of the of the Mercedes AMG V8-Kompressor.


Wheels of the of the Mercedes AMG V8-Kompressor.


Ok, paperwork done, this is Katherine in her brand newly owned 2016 Smartcar Fortwo Passion!  Katherine is standing in Los Angeles with her new car.


And finally the new 2016 Smartcar Fortwo Passion at it's new permanent home in Portola Valley, CA.


A different angle on the final 2016 Smarcar Fortwo Passion.


Katherine and I moved to Texas on 11/1/2020.  Click here for information about that move.  On 4/12/2020 I picked up my custom BK☆BLZE license plate.  Here it is installed:


Frontal view:


That's it!

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