2018 Sailing with Candace and Julian




On 9/1/2018 Brian, Julian, and Candace went sailing out of Redwood City, CA.

Getting ready in Redwood City harbor.  The boat belongs to Spinnaker Sailing Club, you can see their offices behind the boat.  The boat is a Catalina 27.


The picture below shows our boat's registration number.  :-)  The "CF" means this is a California DMV registration.


Leaving the harbor under power (sail is still not deployed).


A crew rowing group.


Julian behind the wheel, Candace busy rigging lines.


Candace is dealing with boat stuff.


The movie below is 5 seconds long and shows a speedboat passing us.  Click here for the highest quality original.


A random boat named "HiJinks" sailed a half mile away from us with people sitting on the edge.  I thought it was interesting.


Zoomed in as much as possible to see the people.


The movie below is a 15 second video showing us sailing.  Click here for the highest quality version.


Candace at the helm.




Back in port!



That's it!

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