2021 Brian and Katherine get Covid-19 Vaccinations

(first vaccine shot on 3/4//2021)

(and 2nd vaccine shot on 3/30/2021)

(and 3rd vaccine shot booster on 10/05/2021)

(and 4th vaccine shot booster on 2/7/2022)


On the first Thursday of March, 3/4/2021 Brian and Katherine got Covid-19 Vaccinations.  This was the first of two shots that make up the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

The Main Hint on How to Get Vaccinated:
Austin Texas has too many residents that want to get vaccinated, and not enough vaccines.  So there isn't any way even older people or people with pre-existing conditions can get vaccinated inside the Austin City limits at this point.  So the key piece of information is that ANYBODY can get vaccinated if you are willing to drive 100+ miles outside of Austin into the more rural areas that have plenty of vaccine, no waiting times, and can't convince enough of the locals to get vaccinated to keep them busy.  We heard Gatesville Texas was a good choice, and JUST BARELY outside of the 100 mile radius where vaccines are plentiful.  Here is what that looks like:

How to Schedule Your Vaccination:
You go to URL: https://app.blockitnow.com/consumer/coryell-health/ and fill out the form and book a spot!  That's it!  Easy!

A few minutes after scheduling your drive through appointment, you get this email:
Your appointment has been scheduled!
You have scheduled an appointment on:

Thursday March 04, 2021 - 12:20 PM


Dose 1- Coryell Health Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic #4 - Coryell Health
Coryell Health Medical Clinic- Bld 2
227 Memorial Drive
Gatesville, TX 76528
(254) 248-6381

This is a drive-through clinic. Please remain in your car and pull into the vaccine line past the Coryell Medical Clinic Entrance. Please bring your insurance information and know your social security number to complete registration forms. There will be no out of pocket cost but we are required to collect this information for state reporting purposes. If you are not able to provide your social security number we will not be able to vaccinate you.

When you drive up for your appointment:
As you arrive, there is a line of cars leading up to a tent (see pictures below).  A person will walk up to your car, greet you, and give you a clipboard and a 2 page form to fill out.  This is the first page.  This is the second page.  You might want to fill it out in advance.  On the first page, the only correct answer to the list of questions where you circle "yes" or "no" is the answer "No".  You really need to circle all "no", even if the answer is "yes".

One more piece of information: they won't check your identification, they won't double check your insurance card, they won't photocopy your ID or the insurance card, THEY WILL NOT CHECK ANYTHING.  If you think about it, there is no time.  They don't have 3 weeks to run a background check on you, they don't have time to verify with your doctor all your pre-existing conditions. They don't even ask about any pre-existing conditions.  They have about 23 seconds AT MOST to vaccinate you.  This is the same situation as anywhere in the United States, they need to give out 400 million vaccines in the next 60 days.  They aren't interested in stopping anybody from getting the vaccine. Up in Gatesville, they kept thanking us over and over again for showing up and being willing to take the vaccine!  We were completely honest at every step: for example, we gave them our Austin address and they said, "Oh wow, you drove here all the way from Austin, thank you so much for coming!" 

Now, it takes about 10 minutes sitting in your car moving up slowly to reach the "tent". We spent the first 5 minutes filling out the forms on the clipboard while "stuck in this traffic". You never leave your car, the person vaccinates you through the window of the car while you are inside the "tent" phase of this.  So when they ask you which arm you want to be vaccinated in, think about this carefully.  If you are the driver, that would be your left arm.  If you are riding shotgun, that would be your right arm.  (Watch the video below if this is unclear.)

Finally, after you are vaccinated, you wait in the line of cars another 10 minutes to make sure you don't have any horrible reaction to the vaccine in the first 10 minutes.  When you reach the front of the line, you speak to the third and final person who gives you your vaccination card, and tells you pretty obvious information like, "If you can't breathe at all due to your throat swelling shut during the next three days, go to an emergency room."  Then you are done!  Bye bye!  You never stepped out of the car.

Below is a 1 minute movie of what the vaccination entails.  Click here for the very highest quality version.. 


Movie of booster shot on 10/5/2021 at CVS at 3020 Sepulveda Boulevard, Torrance, CA (Los Angeles area).  Click here for highest quality version.


Below Are Some Pictures:
The picture below is as we get to the front of the line (took about 10 minutes).  The people helping vaccinate (green caps) would walk up to the car, give you a clipboard, and you filled out one page front and back with your name, insurance information (group and member number), age, address, social security number, and you answered "no" to 10 questions even if the answer was "yes", like "are you on blood thinners" or "are you trying to get pregnant".  Remember, the answer is "no" to all the questions, regardless of the real answer!


The picture below is just after we got vaccinated, we pulled forward to the front of the tent and the next set of people pulled in behind us.


They artificially slow you down from departing for about 10 minutes, to see if anything really bad happens to you in that 10 minutes.  Here we are waiting to leave.


In the final step, they talk with you, tell you some things like "if you start to die at any point in the next 2 or 3 days, or you can't breathe, go to an emergency room".  The picture below the woman in pink is giving people these final instructions and then hands them their CDC vaccination card.


Below is the front and back of the card you get saying you have been vaccinated.


After we got vaccinated, we ate at "The Feed Mill" in Gatesville Texas plus used their bathrooms.  I thought the fried chicken sandwich was excellent.  Now remember, this was the first time we have gotten out of our car more than 100 miles outside of Austin since we arrived in Texas.  Half of the waitresses were not wearing masks, and we didn't know what the etiquette was, so we asked the waitress who said, "You don't have to wear masks."  This is quite a change from Austin where everybody wears masks.  At least 1/3 of the customers walked in with masks, so if that's your thing then you won't be hassled or made to feel uncomfortable.  The 2/3rds of people that walked in not wearing masks seemed Ok with it all also.  Including the very elderly two ladies that came in after us without masks and sat at the table next to ours.  Overall, I quite liked Gatesville and every person we met there. 


AND the completed vaccination card on March 30, 2021 is below:

AND ROUND 2!!  On Tuesday, March 30, 2021 we drove back up to the same spot.  Here we are in line:


And the movie of the vaccination below.  Click here for very highest quality original.


In the picture below, I think the person in darkest non-descript garb is the nurse in charge of the whole operation, but I might be wrong.


Inside the tent, another distribution point.


After getting vaccinated, we wait about 10 minutes for a reaction, this assistant had bunny ears on.


We're almost done, just waiting.


Final verbal check to see if we have grown a third eye or can't breath, and we're done.


That's it.  The pandemic is over for me.  I'm bullet-proof.


Katherine taking a picture of her sticker they handed her.


The picture below was 24 hours later.  The shot didn't hurt my shoulder for the first 6 hours, then it felt like somebody slugged me pretty good.  I took the picture below of the spot where I was injected with the vaccine site in my left arm which looks like a "heart" to me.  LOL.  :-)


AND ROUND 3!!  On Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 we went to .

Movie of booster shot on 10/5/2021 at CVS at 3020 Sepulveda Boulevard, Torrance, CA (Los Angeles area).  Click here for highest quality version.


Below is "Proof of Vaccination" from CVS:

On 2/7/2021 at Walgreens at 1660 Main St, Buda, Texas Katherine and Brian got their 4th shot, here is the new card (the old one was filled):


All done!

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