2021 Austin Random Photos

(started 5/15/2021)


What is This Webpage About?
Some pictures around and about Austin that don't fit anywhere else.


Below is the Azul rooftop bar on the 7th floor of the Westin in downtown Austin.  Views are great, the photo is knitted badly below because I ran out of time.  :-)


Same location facing the opposite direction you can see the rooftop pool here:


7/27/2021 - Different rooftop bar Otopia (scroll from left to right to see the panorama)::


Same day, this is Katherine and our seat by the railing.  I think this is facing south towards the Colorado river and downtown.


On 3/6/2022 four of us got brunch "Honey Moon" in Austin.  From left to right: Nina Nandy, AJ Kaur, Katherine Chung.


All done.

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