2022 Brian & Katherine's

Home in Austin, TX




Katherine and Brian bought a home together in Austin, Texas.  The sellers agreed to sell it to us on June 21, 2022 at 5:45pm.  We "closed" and got the keys on August 10th, 2022. Our first night we slept here was the night of 8/12/2022.  Here are some pictures and a movie about the home.  Click on any picture for a larger version.

First, a movie of the home.   Click here for the highest quality original.


Then some pictures of the home below.  The first few pictures are the front of the home.


Another angle of the front.


A third angle of the front.


Below is more of a daylight photo where you can see through the home.  The living room is at the center there.


The front door.


This is the main living room below.


A slightly different angle on the main living room.


Facing backwards (back to the pool, facing the street and front of the house):


This is standing near the front of the kitchen looking towards the living room.


The kitchen of the home, you can see past the right vertical wall into the living room.


The kitchen and the view from the kitchen.


The master bedroom, notice the very large tree outside.


A different angle of the master bedroom, you can see the entrance to the master bathroom center of picture.


The master bathroom.


The guest room bathroom.


The office.


A night time picture of the pool and deck.


Different angle at night.


The "infinity pool view".  This is the one angle where the infinity pool looks cool.  LOL.  But I do like it.


Another angle on the backyard view.


The view at sunset.


Different angle on the back deck.


The fire feature on the back deck.


Fire feature on the back deck.


This shows the "behind the curtain" on the infinity pool, it's low on the property looking up at the deck.


Sunset over the infinity pool.


The picture below was taken by Brian on the night of 8/12/2022 as the sun set.  That night was the first night we slept in the new home.  We moved our bed, and one couch, and 2 small dogs and 3 cats to their new home:


Deer frequent our large front yard, below is a picture of 5 deer hanging out on September 4, 2022:


Here is a picture of both our home, and the home directly next door.  It shows what is happening all over Austin.  They tear down the original 1969 version of 1 story ranch homes, and then build a new home that is 3 stories tall, where each story is basically the same square footage as the original.  So the home goes from 2,100 square feet to 6,000+ square feet.  Since Katherine and I don't have kids, we think the 1 story home "fits us" better.


The week of October 3 - 8 we turned the three bedroom home into a two bedroom home with a larger master bedroom by removing a wall.  Below is a picture after the wall between the rooms was removed:  We then created a proper master bedroom closet by putting in a new wall.  The picture below was taken at the end of the first day (October 3rd) after the old wall had just been removed.


Below is a picture taken on October 5th at the end of the day, they have patched everything back up and built the new closet wall:


3/4/2023 - our move in is almost complete.  In the picture below, Kelly, Lena, and Katherine enjoy the deck.  The picture is a little "spotty" because I'm standing inside looking out through a window, and the window is a bit dirty.  :-)


6/25/2023 - Sunday - Just Katherine and I grilling lunch after getting the bug screens installed.  The screens make the background a little grainey.


Same day, another picture after food is on the grill.


Deer drinking from our water fountain around October 28th, 2023.  The fountain is intended for them during the hot summers.


That's it!


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