2023 Jennie Moses Photo Scans

(scanned 12/1/2023)


These are old hard copy photos of pretty nice quality I scanned in.  They center around Stanley Latshaw's family.  Stanley was my grandfather, my mother Virginia's father.


In the picture below from left to right: Virginia, David, Florence (sitting), Stanley, Miriam, Carole.  Their whole family.


From left to right: Randy (kid, middle row), Wade Peacock, Brian (kid striped shirt in front), Miriam Latshaw, David Latshaw, Stanley Latshaw (sitting), Jon is the kid on Stanley's knee (David and Judith's oldest), Judith (David's wife, back row), Virginia (red dress), Florence (sitting in front), Howard (Virginia's husband, back row), Cheryl (kid front row), and on the far right Carol Peacock (Wade's wife).


In the picture below, there were notes on the back of the photo saying:
 - Standing L. to R.: Jonathon, Florence, Walter, Norman, Edna, Henry
 - Sitting, L to R: Cyrus (father), Lawrence, Harvey, Chester, Stella (mother)
More info: Cyrus Moser in the father, this is the Moser family.


The picture below had notes written on it saying David Latshaw, high school grad.


The only notes about this picture can be seen at the bottom, "1945 Boyertown PA".  It is Virginia Latshaw on far left, David in the middle, and Miriam on the right.  Presumably Carol has not been born yet.


The picture below has the notes written on the front (you can see in the scan) that say: "1945 Virginia 5th grade, Stanley, David, Florence, V. (Virginia), Miriam."  I assume Carol had not been born yet?


That's it!  That's all the pictures and movies.  All done!

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