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These are GIFs of articles that came out about MailFrontier staring on 8/26/02 (and in the following weeks) about our company launch and product launch.  Then continued through when MailFrontier was purchased by SonicWall on 2/8/06.  Most of the articles are GIFS (screen snapshots of the web pages), which preserves the moment the article came out and will stand the test of time for being able to read them.

    VentureWire - Anti-Spam Firm MailFrontier Launches Product, Raises $5M

    C/Net - New anti-spam company raises $5M

    ComputerWire - MailFrontier Hits the Spam Blocker Market

    The Daily Deal - MailFrontier snags initial $5M by Vyvyan Tenorio

    InternetNews - MailFrontier Inks Financing, Debuts Anti-Spam Software (8/27/02)

    PC World - Poetry and Puppies Join Battle Against Spam by Daniel Tynan (8/28/02)

    Business 2.0 - Spam vs. the Kitchen Sink by Rafe Needleman (9/3/02)

    Seattle Times - Matador knows how to dodge the bull by Charles Bermant (8/31/02)

    San Jose Mercury News - Cutting Costs for the Long Haul by Matt Marshall (9/3/02)

    Silicon Valley Business Ink - Palo Alto Startup Lends Ammo to War on Spam (9/6/02)

    Red Herring - Some grace notes by Jason Pontin, 9/6/2002

    Seattle Time - New Weaon in the War Against Spam: Cats by Charles Bermant (9/21/02)

    Wall Street Journal - 1.0 Launch - Matador Combines 3 Tools To Keep Spam At Bay by Walter Mossberg (11/21/02)

    Information Week - Do More For Less, Matador 1.0 helps with Spam Overload by Tischelle George

    TechTv - Kinder, Gentler Spam-Killer: Puppies, kitties enlisted in fight by Lindsey Arent, Tech Live (1/10/03)

    NetworkWorld - Attacking Spam at the Network's Edge (ASG 1.0 LAUNCH!) by Joel Snyder and Janet Trumbo (2/17/03)

    A Note From A Matador User - Name Removed (May 17, 2003)  - This one is not press, but it's why I love my job.  Just a single email from one user about Matador.


    APC - Spam Stoppers (Product Comparison where Matador Wins), by David Neiger, (5/21/03)

    Forbes - Kill Spam With Your Own Two Hands, by Stephen Manes (6/6/03)

    A picture from one of our customer sites (6/13/03)

    BitYard - Matador: Best Anti-Junk E-mail Breed by Ronny Ko (6/28/03)

    Yahoo TechWeb - Matador Takes Spam By The Horns, Matador 3.0 launch (7/29/03) 

    VentureWire - Anti-Spam Firm MailFrontier Receives Series B, by Lizbeth Scordo (8/19/03) 

    Private Equity Week - Week Wire: MailFrontier Raises Series B, (8/19/03) 

    San Jose Mercury News - Tech Ticker: Anti-Spam Firm gets 2nd round, (8/20/03) 

    Business Week - The Guardian Angels of E-Mail, by Jane Black (9/2/03) - Informative article showing how MailFrontier's fast, modern algorithmic and collaborative approach differs from the old BrightMail manual human hand-written rules approach.

    NetworkWorld - Test: Spam in the wild: We throw real traffic at 16 anti-spam products -  by Joel Snyder (9/15/03)

    PC Magazine - Spam - by Ben Z. Gottesman (10/1/03)

    PC Magazine - Spam Roundup - by Larry J. Seltzer (10/23/03)

    Wall Street Journal - Anti-Spam Program Recommendation - by Walt Mossberg (11/13/03)

    Internetnews - PayPal Phishers Nibble; MailFrontier Blocks (relating to Fraud) - by Ryan Naraine (11/19/03)

    Yahoo News - EG 3.0 Launch - MailFrontier Delivers Big-League Email Threat Protection for the San Francisco Giants (4/12/04)

    Red Herring - MailFrontier is One Of Red Herring's Top 100 Private Companies (4/27/04)

    Random Blog - Utterly Random Happy Customer Writes Unsolicited in his Blog about MailFrontier (5/21/04)

    Baseline Magazine - We have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us (Phishing Fraud) (7/1/04)

    PC Magazine - Editor's Choice for MailFrontier Desktop (7/13/04)

    MSN - Consumers Still Falling for Phish - by Bob Sullivan (7/27/04)

    SlashDot - Pointer to Article Above: Consumers Still Falling for Phish (7/28/04)

    - MailFrontier Desktop is Highest Ranked Anti-Spam Software (9/1/04)

    New York Times - Users Find Too Many Phish in the Internet Sea - by David Gallagher (9/20/04)

    InfoWorld - Rival Solutions Smack Down Spam - by Logan G. Harbaugh (9/27/04)

    Forbes - Spam, Be Gone - by Arik Hesseldahl (10/18/04)

    C/Net - MailFrontier Desktop is Editor's Choice - by Daniel Tynan (11/2/04) 
                 (To see the cover page for the article, click here.)

    C/Net - Why MailFrontier is the Anti-Spam App for You - by Robert Vamosi (12/3/04)

    PC Magazine - ZoneAlarm Security Suite 5.5 is Great with MailFrontier Embedded - by Neil Rubenking

    NetworkWorld - MailFrontier is Recommended in Spam Product Roundup -  by Joel Snyder (12/20/04)

    C/Net - MailFrontier Desktop Puts McAfee and Norton To Shame -  by Rob Vamosi (4/11/05)

    ITWeek - MailFrontier Gateway m500 Appliance is Editor's Choice -  (6/6/05)


    - MailFrontier Desktop is Highest Ranked Anti-Spam Software (8/1/05)


     SonicWall Press Release - SonicWall Acquires MailFrontier (2/8/06)   

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