Albuquerque Visit


(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)

Here are some pictures from my visit to Albuquerque on March 18, 2001.  Ari and Eli started skiing this year, and we went to the local 4 lift ski area Sandia Peak to ski for the day.  Here is a picture of Ari, Eli, Ramey, and Randy.  


Here is a picture of Ari on the lift sitting next to me.



A view of the Sandia Peak lodge from just above it on the slopes.  


Random view from the chair at Sandia Peak.


Nice view of the valley from Sandia Peak.


Ari in front, Eli further back, Ramey in white behind them, live picture skiing down the slope.


Ari in front, Eli in back.


Eli, Ramey, and Randy in back.


Ari and Eli again.


Ari mugging for the camera, Eli snowplowing down the hill.


Ari alone.


Randy, Ari, and Eli fell down.


Randy grabbed Eli when they were down.


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