Eli Goes to the Motorcycle Shop

Click on any picture to get a HUGE (about 200k) version.


Eli (Randy and Ramey's son) is fascinated by motorcycles, so we took him on a trip to the local Yamaha dealer. This page has some pictures. For more random Albuquerque pictures, clicke here.


Here is Eli (with Ramey) sitting on a nice sport bike:


Here s Eli on a snowmobile:


Here is Eli on a big Yamaha Cruiser:


Eli is ready to ride!


Eli on a four wheel offroad vehicle:


Now it is time to go home, and Eli doesn't want t leave. Mom tries to explain:


After 5 minutes, Mom gives up explaining and puts Eli in the car seat. Eli is crying and BEGGING to stay at the motorcycle shop:


For the next half hour, Eli screams and crys and begs us to take him back to the motorcycle shop. We begin to question whether it was a good idea at all, especially since it seems to have damaged Eli emotionally:


Half an hour later, Eli is still screaming, crying, and kicking:


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