My Spooky Trip Through Area 51, Nevada

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I drove from Aspen, Colorado to Mammoth, California on 3/26/99 and 3/27/99. On that second day, I drove on Highway 6 through southern Nevada (between Ely and Tonopah), and stumbled upon "Area 51", which is the secret government location where they store dead Alien bodies and a few Alien spaceships/UFOs. Click here to see the approximate location in Nevada. But don't tell anyone, it's a secret!

I drove by "Area 51" at dusk on 3/27/99, and several things happened. First of all, my cell phone lost it's signal for the first time EVER out in the wide open. I suspect the government blocks out the signals so that people can't call in alien sightings out here. Second, my Sentra started making funny noises, and the engine sputtered the whole trip. Now many of you know my Sentra, and it's one of the best cars ever made, and it certainly doesn't ever have any mechanical troubles. I blame the aliens...

The spookiest thing about this web page is that I have not touched up a single photograph. I'm not lying, all these photos are real.


It all started beautifully, in the afternoon in Utah at 75 miles per hour. Isn't the desert gorgeous? Here I am heading toward Nevada on Highway 50. This picture is taken pointed out the front of my Sentra, at speed:



This is out the right side of my Sentra, at 75 mph, still in Utah:


This is the point where everything turned spooky. This sign is at the corner of highway 375 and highway 6 in Nevada. The sign marks highway 375. I thought Area 51 was a secret, but the government has lots of different agencies that probably don't even communicate. I'll bet the highway department really hates the military, so as a joke they put up this sign. Oh, my cell phone quit working right at this spot, and didn't start working again until I passed Tonopah. I like to call Tonopah the Alien Bus Stop of the United States, but I'll get to that later. As you can see the sun is going down, and everything started going wacky on me:


I hadn't seen any other cars for half an hour, but immediately after passing the above sign this car passes me at 80 miles per hour. When I glanced over I almost skidded off the road. Hey, you deal with the Terminator at dusk in Area 51! I'm pretty proud of this picture, it was taken cold. I just grabbed the camera and pulled the trigger without aiming, since I was going 75 mph at the time:


The military cover story is that this is a missile test range. Pretty good cover, huh? Nobody is going to wander around inside a missile test range. Here's the sign. But upon closer inspection, the government made a few small mistakes in this sign. (See further pictures to point out the mistakes.)


If you look closely, there is a small sticker in between the words "Tonopah" and "Test". The pictures further on zoom in on this sticker:


Here is the sticker, zoomed in closer. OOPS! There's the "Area 51" logo, which is supposed to be secret! Nobody said our government was very smart. Does Fox Mulder know about this?


Here is the sticker, very close up:


As if I didn't have enough trouble, along comes this next sign. Now I have several things to say about this sign. First of all, when the sign says "Open Range", I don't think they meant "Open GUN Range", you inbred hill-billies who filled this sign full of bullet holes!! The sign actually means that cows wander across the highway, and there are no fences. Think about that. They built this highway for about a million dollars every hundred yards, but they couldn't be bothered to actually put up a $100 fence to prevent cattle from milling about? I don't buy it! I think they PURPOSEFULLY put the cattle out on the highway so the aliens can mutilate them!! Well, I had been standing here for 5 minutes when I realized I was standing in front of a sign that was full of bullet holes... stay with me here, I'm standing in the WAY OF THE BULLETS....



Sure enough, a few miles down the road I ran into some cows carefully placed by the government on the road. None had been mutilated yet tonight, but it was only dusk and I hear the real mutilations happen around midnight. Notice there is no fence between my car here and the cows (I stopped the car for the picture, but it's taken through my window). Does it look like this cow is scoping me out for my intentions?! I think she's seen some of her friends turned inside out...


A little way down the road, I saw these two Aliens disguised as Harley Davidson motorcycle riders booking along. I didn't bother them, I figure they were out looking for cows. (Picture taken without aiming out the right window of the Sentra at 75 mph.)


As you can see, the sun is almost set, and along comes this sign. What kind of strange name is this for a highway? I think it's some sort of code, I just need to figure it out. The question is, what planet is the "Republic" on?



Check this out! The government thinks this is a "Forest"! I don't know if you can see in the dim light, but there isn't a tree for a thousand miles in any direction! I'm serious, not one single tree! Do you think our government is that stupid, or did the Aliens take all the trees in this forest?

Conclusion: I finally reached Tonopah, Nevada, which is a spooky little town filled with way too many people (well, technically about half of them were Aliens) milling about at the all night gas station. There was a "police officer" hanging out there, I suspect to take care of any Aliens that got out of line. I filled up with gas, and got my butt out of there and punched through to California in another two hours. Sometimes I think my perceptions of the days events might have been clouded by the fact that I spent over 14 hours on the road, and the last couple of hours that I drove through Area 51 I was listening to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" cranked at maximum volume and I was so lit on caffeine my hands were shaking. Nah, I think the Aliens just put those thoughts in my head...

(Read a personal description of Backblaze here.)

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