Austin Food

(started 5/11/2023)


These are just my own notes about food in Austin, TX where I live.  I'm not a professional reviewer, and my opinion doesn't matter to anybody but myself.




Recommended Dishes

Allow Dogs?


Tumble 22


Central North

Fried Chicken Sandwich


Good Mac&Cheese

The Mediterranean Chef's Cafe


Central North

Known for "Grandma's Humus".  Falafels are good.



Barley Swine



Expensive Fixed Menu, many small courses

Yes (on patio)

.p03, p04_ac - can be vegetarian

Micklethwait BBQ



brisket, brisket frito pie, ribs (beef & pork)


.p01, p02_menu

Antojitos El Flaco


Northwest Hills

breakfast tacos (Migas, machacado), barbacoa


.p03_menu, p05




cheese and meat plate with bottle of wine




Katie recommends - Pepe's Tacos
Vaquero - mexican tacos
Oye Taquito - street tacos - - "Bistec ones were my favorite"
Valentina's on Menchaca - breakfast "The Knockout Taco - insanely good.
masa y más -
Gus's Downtown for fried chicken. Spicy Boys also gets upvotes.
DONE - "Tumble 22" for fried chicken.
Crawfish - The Boat, Crawfish Shack, Kasian Boil, or Louisiana Crab Shack. Crawfish and Noodles in Houston
Let's Geaux Boil is my favorite it's a pop up thats at Armadillo Den every weekend
Jewboy Burgers - quite good burgers
Billy's on Burnet for burgers (dive bar vibe)
Phil's icehouse - the "78704" might be my favorite burger
Uptown Sports Club - "Franklin's" - Po' Boys sandwich:
Jimmy John's - big sandwiches
Bird Bird Biscuit - fried chicken sandwich
KG BBQ - lamb bacon ribs and brisket pita ("Barbecue with an Egyptian twist")
Kiin Di - "killer noodles" their spicey is VERY spicey
The Mediterranean Chef Cafe - falafel
Browns BBQ - next to Kiin Di and inexpensive BBQ
Turf and Surf - nachos and fish tacos "the best I've ever had"
Homeslice (but not for the pizza, order the Italian Sub, they toast the bread)
Masa y mas - pastor and birria are great, the pollo adobado is bland
T Loc has excellent burritos (but are expensive)
Paperboy - "legit breakfast for $50" - "hockey puck hash brown"
Jim's - good hashbrowns
El Meson - brunch is buffet style
Red Ash or Jeffrey’s - 3 month waiting list
Rudy’s BBQ
Interstellar if you’re north.
New World Deli - Katie likes their big sandwiches and potato salad
Stiles Switch on Lamar.
Valentina's - long waits, brisket breakfast taco is great
Brothertons in Pflugerville is a hidden gem.
Their ribs are the best, and Bahn Mi Brisket Sandwich is superb.
(Their plain brisket is only ok though)
Slab BBQ - the "Donk" is 1 pound of stacked meat covered in BBQ sauce and Queso
Stubbs - good but price gouge like a music venue when there is no music
Taqueria Anyeli - Pink truck in Shell parking lot at 32nd and N Lamar. Breakfast tacos.
Valentina's - beef rib -
SoupLeaf HotPot -
Nosh and Bevvy - good snacks, mellow atmosphere
Intersteller - favorite BBQ place. Brisket is solid, sides are fantastic.


That's it!  All done!


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