Banff Area Gallery, Canada Ski Town

(12/18/00 & 3/11/01)

(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)


This is a picture of the downtown of Banff.


Picture down on Banff from the drive up to the ski hill Norquay.


Cheapest motel in town, the Spruce Grove:


Super close to center of town, but divey enough to be slightly cheap, the Arrow Motel:


Nice hotels abound, here is one example:


The Travellor's Inn, close to town, reasonable prices, reasonable quality:


Scenic highways outside of Banff:


Sunshine Village Gondola, which is darn long.  Here is the base station:


Still riding the gondola, in the middle:


Still on the gondola, big huge flat mountain in background, and that is one of the "L" sections where the gondola goes around a corner near the bottom of the picture.



Norquay, small little area outside of Banff:


Norquay from the bottom:


From here downward are pictures from 3/9/01 - 3/12/01.  Here are Mike and Brady at Sunshine Village:


An Elk right outside Banff town limits.


There are actually 8 or more elk here.  But in the picture you might only be able to see a few.



Sunshine Village, big steep mountain range.


More mountains, and in the valley a good view of the center of Sunshine Village.


Big Canada mountain peaks.


A view of the town of Banff from the slopes at Norquay.  This was taken from the very top of lift "A".


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