Day On the Boat with Friends


(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)

On Sunday, July 23rd, 2001 I took the boat out with 10 friends.  Here are some pictures from that day.  The first picture is Howard on the front deck in the morning.  The water is smooth we're up on a plane cruising towards San Francisco.


Yuko and Ashmeet hanging out on the back deck.  You can see our wake and how smooth the water is in the background.


Steve driving, Eric in the background.


Ashmeet on the back deck, picture taken from the flying bridge pointed backwards.


We stopped off at San Francisco (right in front of the Marina Safeway) and picked up four new passengers, here are Dave & Steph, and the other guests are Damon and Nathalie (not shown in this picture).  I'm on the left.


Brian, David, Steph.  Here we are directly under the Golden Gate, although you can't really tell from the picture.


Here is a picture of David Clancy and wife Stephanie Koester together on the boat:
David Clancy and wife Stephanie Koester


Steve facing away.


Me, Dave, and Steph again, you can see the foot of the Golden Gate as we leave it behind.


Time to stop for lunch.  Here we are pulling into "Sam's" in Tiburon.  It's a nice spot, as you can see there is quite a crowd.


Here we are at lunch, that's Eric in the white shirt, Dave on the right, and you can see my boat directly behind Eric.


Dave at lunch.


Steve at lunch.


The 10 of us took up two tables, this table has me (on the far left), Howard in back, Dave in front, Steve, and Eric.


Here is the other table, with Rob on the far right, Ashmeet slightly in front of him, Nathalie in the hat, and Damon and Yuko on the right.


Steve, Eric, and my boat in the background.


A picture of my boat with a few onlookers.


After lunch, we cruised by Angel Island, here it is off the starboard bow.


Dave behind the wheel.


I was driving, and just stepped back to take the picture.  From left to right in the front seat is Steve, Rob, Nathalie, and Damon.  San Francisco skyline in the distance.


The boat wake, under full power.


Next, we cruised by Alcatraz Island.


Finally, we decided to run around Treasure Island, which the Bay Bridge runs through.  Here is the Bay Bridge in the distance, with (left to right), Rob, Nathalie, Damon, and Eric.


Random picture pointed backwards.


Here we are rounding Treasure Island.


The Bay Bridge, up close.


Dave kicking back on the back deck, the Bay Bridge in the background.


The San Francisco skyline off the port bow.


As we got in near San Francisco, this sea plane pulled out and took off.


Eric and Steve, with the San Francisco skyline in the background.


Another picture of San Francisco.


The famous skyline.


I thought this huge three mast 1800's sailing ship in the left of this picture was interesting.


Eric, Ashmeet, and Yuko kicking back .


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