Clarkston, Washington Picture Gallery

Click on any picture to get a HUGE (about 200k) version.


Rush hour in eastern Washington, on my way to Clarkston. Picture taken out the front of the Sentra going 60 mph:


Tractor for sale in Pomeroy, Washington (as I drove through). Are those cool wheels or what?


Hannah, Cheryl & Mark's Golden Retriever:


View from Mark and Cheryl's back porch:


Katie with a book in living room:


Nathanael zonked on stomach flu (notice the bucket):


Cheryl and Brian (picture taken by Katie):


Two views found while driving Highway 95 from Cheryl and Mark's to Sun Valley, Idaho:


And finally, two pictures from McCall, Idaho. The first is an ice sculpture:


And the McCall, Idaho Lake, frozen. Notice the frozen dock:


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