Elk Barbeque


(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)

My cousins and I had a successful Elk hunt in a few months before (click here for pictures and details), and so I held an Elk barbeque at my house and invited a few friends by thinking not many would be interested in trying Elk.  Much to my surprise, they ALL showed up, and brought friends, so maybe 40+ people came and we ate a bunch of Elk.  Here are some pictures.

Kim, Omar, and Damon hanging out in the living room, early on.


A little later, that's JJ, Heinrich, Adam, Jeannine, Brian, his daughter Rebecca, and somebody hunched over the hors d'oeuvre table.


Maxine was the only dog that showed up.


Ishani in the kitchen.  Ishani is Pavni and Stuart's daughter.


A terrible picture of a bunch of my guests. 


Howard, Steve, Sumit, Jody, Paul facing away in the background.


Heinrich, and on the couch Kim in the far back, Casey, Kim, and JJ with the short hair.


With all the extra people that showed, up, I needed help and conscripted Brian and Adam here to help assemble Elk Kabobs.  


Omar getting an Elk kabob. 


Ian facing away on the left, then Virginia, Melissa in the red hair, her fiancÚ Steve, and Wendy.


After the party, the aftermath of fixing 50+ Elk Kabobs.  


The aftermath of serving 50+ Elk Kabobs.   


This is what I marinated the Elk in.

Here is the recipe to the Elk marinade I used:

Dickel Pickle Marinade - makes about 3 cups, try this marinade on any wild game.

In a small bowl, whisk together all ingredients. This mixture may be diluted with up to 1 cup of water. Its guaranteed to tenderize a hickory axe handle, so don't spill any on you cutting board -- it will make it so soft that you can't use it. Beware of guests and assistants drinking up your marinade.  Marinade meat from 2 to 4 hours and use as a baste while cooking.

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