Hoodoo, Oregon Gallery

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On 4/11/99, I skied Hoodoo, which is about 2 hours drive from my home town of Corvallis. Hoodoo is where I went on my very first time skiing, and is one of two local ski areas I learned to ski at. I hadn't skied there for over 10 years until this day. It was fun skiing there, because there were several runs I had never skied before because they were too hard for me 10 years ago (they were pretty easy now :-), but also because it was a nice walk down memory lane. The day I was there it was sun shining, and it was quite a pleasant day. Hoodoo wins the award for the CHEAPEST lift ticket I've bought this year including any and all discounts. The lift ticket was $26, and it INCLUDES an "all you can eat" barbeque lunch. Isn't that just wacky? Here are some pictures from my day:


This is the whole hill, you can see it from the parking lot:


This is a picture of all of Hoodoo's facilities and lodges and parking lots. That's it baby! Just a couple lifts and two small lodges:


Sitting on Red Chair, looking up at the summit:



Included in a lift ticket is a free all you can eat barbeque lunch. Here is the line to the barbeque, which was quite long:


Random view:



View off of "Mambo" run:


View off the back:


On the way home from Hoodoo, my Sentra's odometer hit 150,000 miles! Here are two pictures, this first one is at 149,999.9 miles:


And here is the Sentra's odometer at 150,000.0 miles! Notice the picture is taken at speed, which was 50 miles per hour on curvey Oregon mountain roads:


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