Interesting Cat Trees

(started 5/25/2010)

This is a collection of interesting cat tree designs I found on the internet.  I apologies to the original authors, I copied the pictures to make sure they were preserved.  This is just a private collection for my own scrapbook.  Contact me if I have not giving your website proper credit and you want me to fix that.

UPDATE: 2011 - based on the collections here, I did two projects.  One was a kitty cat wall seen here.  I also designed a cat tree myself and had a cabinet maker build it for a corner in my current place.  You can see my cat tree here.



Below is same as above, but with different choices and kitty cats shown playing in the wheels:











This is an interesting system because it isn't wood, it's an industrial looking pipe the cats can crawl through.

Here it is with a cat perched inside it:





From "TheVerticalCat" website:


Various squares with integrated steps (notice there are "diving boards" in front of the cubes).


The following is from preserved here for ideas, not trying to steal from them.  If you like what you see, please buy from them!


Cat tree that looks like an Oak tree:



This one is a "Cat Trapeze" from











Seen randomly on internet:




The couch below is "cat friendly":


Nice cat levels, bridges, from that website:


Here are some interesting balconies with "cat safe" netting or fencing.  I'm intrigued by this idea, where your cat can walk outside and sniff the air and maybe play in grass, but cannot get lost or run over by a car.  Our cat is very social but confined to "indoors" and sometimes when we sit out on the deck she sits in the window and stares out at us longingly.  Below is a rooftop very enclosed in.  I'm not sure I like the look, but it gives some ideas:


A deck sealed in for the safety of the cats below, notice the long wooden plank up on the wall for the cats to walk down:


Very natural look below, for the little "tigers" to roam around in a garden and along tree trunks but not escape to be run over by cars or eaten by coyotes:


A cat safe outdoor flower area:


Notice the clear glass cat perches:


Several "cat safe" enclosures on walls:


Outside wire sky tunnel:



All done!



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