Jackson Hole, Wyoming 2003

(3/8/03 - 3/10/03)

For Lift Maps and Town maps click here.

(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)


In March 2003 some friends and I went skiing to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Here are some pictures.  If you want to look at the lift maps or town area maps, click here.


Here is a picture of the general crowd.  


Paul Wieneke (on the left), Mike Chow, and Brady on the right at the top of Snow King looking down at the town of Jackson Hole on 3/10/03.  


First day we arrived, first run up the gondola, this is a picture down at the base of Teton Village (the main Jackson Hole ski area's base area is called Teton Village).


Right after lunch on the second day, Brady and I took a ride in the Tram.  This is a picture through the (blurry) tram window looking downward.


A picture of the inside of the tram:


This was taken at the top of the tram, the wind is howling at about 50 mph so we snapped this picture fast.  Take a look at the sign...


Here is the worst picture my camera has ever taken.  :-)  That's me on the left, then Brady, Mike, and Garth Eliason on the right having our ceremonial scotch together.  We only open this particular bottle when we are all together.  This was taken in our condo, and the flash bulb didn't go off.


Garth on the left, Brady on the right, a random picture from Jackson Hole.


Brian Wohletz wiped out on the first run of the second day, here he is struggling in the snow.


A random picture of the slopes, this is a shot of far skier's right on the mountain.


A random shot from Saratoga bowl, far skiers left on the mountain:


Another random hill shot:


Here is the town of Jackson Hole, from the small, local ski area "Snow King".  The "real" ski area of Teton Village can almost be seen in this picture in the upper left quadrant out of town by about 4 miles.


A picture at Snow King riding the longest, largest lift to the top.  Snow King isn't very big.


The Jackson Hole town square has this famous antler archway, it's worth a touristy picture.


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