Jim & Judy in Santa Barbara, California Gallery

Click on any picture to get a HUGE (about 200k) version.

Background: Jim Young and I worked together for about 7 years (3 years at Apple, then 4 years at Silicon Graphics). Recently he moved to Santa Barbara to work at Alias/Wavefront with his wife Judy and daughter Lauren, and his second daughter Taylor was born in Santa Barbara. I stopped off and stayed at their house on Sunday, April 4th, 1999. Taylor (who is 7 weeks old) was keeping them awake all night, which was ideal for me, because Jim had to sit up all night long holding Taylor, so we could catch up, gossip, etc. :-)


Here is Lauren searching for Easter Eggs in their front yard, Jim, and Judy with the camcorder and with the 7 week old Taylor around her neck:


Lauren playing on the jungle gym down in a local park:


This is Jim & Judy's new house in Santa Barbara. This picture overlooks their back yard. To the left is the beach, which you can see from their second floor:


Here is the view as I left Jim's house driving up the coast. Santa Barbara is gorgeous:




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