Last Day Out On the Boat


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On Sunday, August 5th, 2001 I took the boat out for the last time before putting it up for sale.  Along for the ride are my mom and dad (Virginia and Howard Wilson), Scott and Ashley Eikenberry, Liz, Tom Barrett and his two kids Colin and Chelsea.  Here are some pictures from that day.  


Tom at the wheel of my boat, Chelsea and Colin and Mom in front.


Tom at the wheel, Dad beside him.


We're flying the Jolly Roger this morning, a tradition on my boat when there are kids aboard.


Ashley and Scott, kicking back on the back deck.  Scott is my best crew member, and has kept my boat from bashing into docks and other boats countless times.  He needs the rest out here in the middle of the bay before having to deal with docking.


Colin and Chelsea watching the fish finder, waiting to see pictures of fish appear.


It's a beautiful tail, we're under full power here making great time up to San Francisco.


Picture facing forward through the clear plastic windows.


Up near San Francisco, we saw this amphibious vehicle plowing along through the water.  Those are real truck wheels spinning in there.


San Francisco skyline on a gorgeous day at about 10:30am.


Ashley and Dad kicking back on the back deck.


We leave the Bay Bridge in the background, and keep heading north towards the Golden Gate.


After a brief stop in San Francisco to pick up Liz, here we are heading towards Tiburon, which is dead ahead.  That's Scott still relaxing, but we'll put him to work soon.


Still heading straight for Tiburon.


Here we are, docking for brunch at Sam's in Tiburon.  That's Scott in the lower left tying up the boat to a dock cleat.


Here is my boat, tied up outside Sam's in Tiburon.


Here is our complete crowd having brunch.  From left to right that's Tom, Colin (in back in the white hat), and Chelsea (in front in the blue hat), Dad, Mom, Liz, Ashley and Scott.


From our table, you can see some of Tiburon's more desirable real estate.  Notice the size of the new construction going on.


After lunch, we get under way.  Here is Chelsea standing on the fly bridge.  


A random sailboat that we passed.


Colin, Chelsea, and Tom with the Golden Gate in the background.  We are heading towards the Golden Gate to take a look around.


Another sailboat.


Scott on the left, we're looking through the front of the boat at the Golden Gate.


The North span of the Golden Gate.  What a nice day!


The South span of the Golden Gate.


Liz and Ashley, kicking back on the deck.


Mom and Dad looking out the window of the flying bridge.


Here we are just barely outside the Golden Gate, and in the very center of the picture under the golden gate you can see a whale's tail as he submerges.  We saw several whales, including one that jumped WAY out of the water.  We also saw a dolphin and some sea lions, all in the span of about 10 minutes.


Liz and Ashley on the front of the boat, we are putting around waiting for the whales to surface.  The amazing thing is how calm it is through this section of water, which can be quite rough.


The Golden Gate, from the front of my boat.


Most of my guests decide it's a good idea to sit on the front while we motor back in through the Golden Gate and towards San Francisco.  When they got wet they came back inside.  :-)


After dropping Liz back off, here we are heading home with San Francisco on our right.  That's the big 3 mast pirate ship on the left of the picture, and I think this is the entrance to Aquatic Park.


San Francisco skyline from the water.


Heading South towards the Bay Bridge, here is Chelsea, Tom, and Colin looking forward.


As we cruise towards home, looking backwards towards the Bay Bridge, still flying the Jolly Roger.


This is me, Brian, posing by the Jolly Roger.  Ashley took this picture.


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