Random MailFrontier Pictures

(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)

MailFrontier office on 3/15/02, right after Pavni and Brian moved in and had a few pieces of furniture delivered.


Brian's corner on 3/15/02.


Pavni's corner on 3/15/02.


After D-Day of the 5/13/02, Monday partner's meetings at NEA, Benchmark, and MDV.  This is about 4pm at the MailFrontier office, after our biggest, most stressful, most important day, everything went perfectly, and we're talking about how the day went.  Casey in front left, Pavni, Dave, Kim at the table, and Scott standing up.


After a technical due diligence meeting on 5/28/02 for NEA.  This is the aftermath of design documents and schedules and UI mockups left on the table, the evaluator left just a few minutes before this picture was taken.


On Friday, 7/19/02,  we signed and faxed off a complete Terms sheet to NEA and Draper Fisher, and we HAVE A DEAL!  A quiet beer in celebration:


On around 8/12/02, trying to find a new name for the product.  We eventually arrived at "Matador".  In this picture Gleb is asking for name suggestions.


The aftermath of the Gleb naming party, empty beer bottles, peanut shells, and Gleb typing up the results.


October 31st, Halloween 2002, this is Snickers (aka "Matador"):


Pumpkins carved for Halloween, Brian's on the left, Casey's on the right (the "Diablo"):


The pumpkins lit with candles at night:


Server Room at 3250 Ash Street on 7/3/03, now this is a REAL engineering organization that isn't afraid of this kind of infrastructure.  Click on the image to zoom into a HUGE, HUGE version:


Brian strings illegal Ethernet (Cat 5) between building 1 and building 4 on 8/13/03.  Here he is burying the cable.


On 1/15/04, the board met and discussed whether to do a Superbowl ad.  The next 3 pictures are the aftermath of that meeting, after the design firm "Eleven, Inc." (http://www.eleveninc.com) had shown several concepts and ideas they had come up with in a 3 week preparation for this meeting, including a finished Superbowl ad.  Click on the pictures below to see the advertising ideas.  The tall guy in a suit on the right is Paul Curtin.  The board meeting was pretty crazy, with a lot of yelling back and forth.  The board then met two days later on Saturday morning, then again on Sunday morning and the final decision was "no Superbowl", but "yes, much increased advertising in other ways".


From left to right, a member of "Eleven", Anne Bonaparte (VP of Marketing), Pavni (CEO) in black in back, Roger Friedberger (CFO), and on the far right sitting down Patti Zullo (VP of sales).


At the end of the table you can see a big flat-screen Mac where the design firm "Eleven" showed the board the superbowl ad.  Click here to watch the ad as a quicktime movie.


A picture of the front of 1801 Page Mill, building "FG".  Later the landlord decided it was not building FG, but instead 1841 Page Mill.  This is a picture on a Saturday 2/7/04, with Brian's lone Sentra in the parking lot.


Same day and time, closer front shot of the MailFrontier Front Door.


MailFrontier men's bathroom, with the now famous "Urinal Stickers" in prototype form.  This is just before the RSA conference.


A close up of the prototypes of the Urinal stickers.


Here is the final look on site at the RSA conference on 2/26/04 a few days later:


The trash cans from the RSA conference on 2/26/04:


Sales office gorilla ("BE THE GORILLA") on 3/15/04: