Office Warming Party, 3/22/02

On 3/22/02 we had a party to open our new office at 425 Sherman Ave, Suite 220, Palo Alto, CA.  Here are some pictures from that party.  Click on any picture to see an enlarged version.


Before any of the guests showed up, here is a picture of the munchies table.


A picture of our "break area" with coffee machine, microwave, and refrigerator.


Two work cubicles, you can see our router mounted on the wall on the right, and underneath it our wireless base station for wireless laptops.


Brian's office, with laptop on the left, above it a lift map of Telluride, and on the right a desktop PC for development.


The MailFront conference room.


The MailFront greeting area.


Some friends at the party.


Some more friends at the party.


Two UI professionals, that is Donna Slote on the left, and Mary Weeks on the right.


The day after the party, the flowers had drunk all the water out of the vase, and wilted.


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