End Of Paradise - Marina Eviction


(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)

For a little over a year, I lived on a boat in Peninsula Marina.  It was a lot of fun, if you want more info click here.  A developer has bought the marina, and is filling it in and building 1,300 condos in 15 floor high towers where the marina was.  Today (6/1/01) was the last day for the boats to leave. 


This is a picture of my boat (slightly to the right of center).  The boat facing mine is owned by Scott and Jennifer and will be leaving soon.  The yellow tape is put over a slip as soon as the boat vacates the spot.



This is one of my neighbors a few weeks ago on Earth Day (4/21/01), protesting the eviction. My neighbors sailed by the earth day festivities with their boat dressed up as a whale with protest signs. 


This was taken from the back off my boat.  You can see very few boats are left, and some of those are "derelicts", the marina will drag them up on shore soon and crush them.


A shot from my boat towards the dock gate.  No boats left.


A picture from the Harbor Master's office, my boat is the black top one in the center of the picture, all alone on it's dock.

Another picture from the harbor master's office, showing the empty marina.


My boat alone, taken from shore.  What a nice day, what a bummer to have to leave.


One last shot of my boat from shore.


On 10/28/01 I wandered by the derelict marina, and took the following two pictures of a some sort of a big barge parked in the marina.  Looks like a dredging barge?


Here is another picture of the same barge.


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