Brian's Micro RS 4 Remote Control Car


(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)

I have always wanted a nice, remote control car, so on Thanksgiving I bought one at the same time my co-worker Steve bought one so I could kick his wimpy butt in races.  :-)  Here is my web page about the construction and modifications I've made. 


The instructions say it should take about 8 hours, but it took me 12 - 15.  I haven't built a model in like 20 years, so maybe next time I'll be faster.  Here is a picture before I begin of all the components.


My first piece is complete, after about an hour.  Yeah, yeah, I'm slow.  :-) 


All the electronics are together, and respond to the remote.


Now it's looking like a car.  The front end is together (which is pretty complex).


My workspace is starting to spread out.  :-)  Notice the spent water bottle replacing my vital liquids I have sweated out.


The bad boy is now all working, and can run around the apartment, but no body yet.


A close up of the crazy kick butt machine.


Now for the body work.  Here it is with all the paint mask work done.  I've decided to do a three color thing, where it has a metal blue body, day glow yellow flames, and tinted windows.  As you'll find out, the tinted windows really screwed me.


After the first coat of metal blue paint.  Looking really sweet.


Took the paint flames masks off, ready for the second coat of paint.  Remember I'm painting the inside of this shell in layers.


After the yellow flames layer, and a first tint of the windows.  Looking good still, although the impending disaster is creeping through the yellow flames.


After another coat of window tint, utter disaster.  Not sure what went wrong.  Totally ruined, destroyed.  A new car body is $16, I'll start again.  I think I didn't let the yellow dry long enough, or maybe I should mask the insides before I do the window tint.  Crud.  Oh well, back to the hobby store...


Ok, after buying a new body, and repainting it, here is the very final result.  Pretty good, although some of the masking on the underside caused the colors to look different shades.  


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