MailFrontier Company All Hands


On 10/21/03, MailFrontier held an offsite at the Sheraton in Palo Alto, because we had outgrown our current offices at 3250 Ash Street and couldn't get everybody in the same room anymore.  We're about 50 people here.  See some pictures below, and click on any for really large versions.


Below is a stitched together panorama of the whole room, Pavni (CEO) is cut off up front speaking.  Most of the people on the left behind tables are salespeople, and on the right are engineering.


At lunch, out by the pool.


Random shots of the tables by the pool.


More random shots of the tables by the pool.








Here are the sales people (in training for a day and a half):


Most of the people below are in engineering.  The CTO (Brian Wilson, me) is in the far back corner one person in from the right edge, in the dark shirt.


Pavni (CEO), our esteemed leader addressing the company.

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