Bachelor, Oregon Gallery

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On 4/12/99 - 4/17/99 I stayed in Bend, Oregon and skied Mt. Bachelor, which is about 3 hours drive from my home town of Corvallis. I skied Bachelor from time to time growing up, and it was nice skiing there again. Here are some pictures:


This picture was taken first thing in the morning of 4/13/99, standing at the Sunrise lodge looking up at the Summit. Check out the sunshine!


My buddy Ashmeet Sidana, ready to go!


Me (picture by Ashmeet):


View off the back of the summit:


That's the Pine Martin lodge down there, and I'm standing on the cat track leading down from the new "Northwest Express" lift:


The inside of the Pine Martin mid-mountain lodge:


I took this picture while standing inside the Pine Martin lodge looking out:


Small peak above the Outback Express:


Random view from the "Northwest Territory" side of the mountain:


Summit chair, going up to the summit:


That's the base of the summit chair, and the view across the hill:


A view of the parking lot:


A view of the road from the summit:


View from just under the summit:


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