Random Oregon Gallery

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The pictures on this page were some random views from Oregon. I realized that I was driving through my home state taking the views for granted because it was so familiar to me. Here are a few shots of stuff you see in Oregon all the time.


This picture was taken about 40 yards from my parent's house in Corvallis. There were actually 4 or 5 deer running around together, but I couldn't get them all in the picture. Picture is glossy because it was taken through my Sentra's side window (getting out of the car can spook the deer):


Another deer:


This is a very small dam outside "Detroit, Oregon". I believe something like 95 percent of Oregon's electrical power comes from hydro-electric, and every last river in Oregon that can be dammed has been. It's clean (a few fish die but that's about it), virtually free, and the rain just keeps falling and falling.


Looking downstream:


The upstream side of the dam. Classic Oregon weather, drizzling into the lake:


What is the rusty cone with the dome top in the center? They are ALL OVER Oregon. Most are like this one, sitting in lumber yards, and look about 50 years old:


Here is another rusty cone half way across Oregon from the previous one. If you look closely, you can see a pipe connecting the top of the rusty cone with that building in the back. What for?


Oregon "one stop shopping". You can get your guns AND liquor in this store:


Klamath lake, picture taken out the side of the Sentra while driving:


Out in the middle of NOWHERE on highway 97, north of Klamath Falls by 40 miles, is this strange tourist trap. I don't know how they survive, but they have been here for at least a decade. It's a bunch of concrete dinosaurs. The biggest one is out front:


The front of the building:


Entrance to the attraction (notice the small yellow dinosaur under the sign in the distance):


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