Random Motorcycle Ride with Sarah

Pictures from a random motorcycle ride with my girlfriend Sarah Parks.  Click on any picture for a much larger version.  Click here to see Sarah's webpage.

After our first successful ride didn't kill her, I convinced Sarah Parks to come on a much longer motorcycle ride down HW 1 (down the Big Sur coast) with me.  Here we are loaded up and ready to go.


On HW 9, there is a private home that puts out a bunch of carved bears and then advertises "Carved Bears, 1/2 off".  This home has been selling the bears for half off for the 14 years I have driven by this spot on Highway 9.  We stopped to take a picture, and the woman said they have owned and lived in the house for 30 years.  Her son carves the bears.  She and her husband sell them, although her husband passed away a few years ago.


This faces the road.  Over the last 14 years I've watched the bears get higher and higher quality and detail.  Also, there used to be many more bears (of lower quality).  Now there are only 10 or 12 bears for sale at any one time, but each is much more detailed.


Below is a panorama showing the bears and Highway 9 going past.  The woman who owns the house is standing in the doorway.  It looks like the address is 8790 Highway 9.



Picture of me (Brian) standing with a bear.


After 14 years, I finally succumbed to the pressure and bought a bear.  How could I pass up such an amazing deal as 1/2 off?!  Here is my bear on my back porch:


When I first got the bear home, I put it in my closet, here is a picture of the bear lurking in the closet:



Further on the trip, we stopped at Nepenthe (restaurant on the Big Sur coast).  This kid put on a funny hat made of stretchy rubber.


Same kid after the hat was on.


Sarah, out front of Lucia Lodge, Lucia, on Highway 1 along the Big Sur coast.


Pictures from a different day, thrown in here to preserve them.  This was a house for sale for $7.5 million about 10 minutes south of Carmel.  This house is perched out on a cliff with waves coming in on 3 sides, very very scenic.  Sarah standing in the foreground.


This is a panorama from inside the house, showing what the views are like.


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