Sqaw Valley, Lake Tahoe California Gallery

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On 4/25/99, I skied Sqaw Valley with Paul Wieneke, Brady Nilsen, and Mike Chow on our yearly "Spring Lake Tahoe Trip" (that can include Garth Eliason, but he bailed this year). Here are some pictures...


Here are Brady, Paul, and Mike. Just look at these goofballs. If you were lost in the wilderness in the snow, would you want these guys on the search team?


Mike and Bady on the chair lift. Picture taken from the chair in front of them:


This is a picture of all of the mid-mountain lodges at Squaw Valley. Notice the top of the tram (with the pool and ice rink) at the top of the picture, and "Gold Coast" at the bottom:


Random view at Squaw:


You can see the parking lot of Squaw Valley at the bottom. This was taken from the top of KT-22:





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