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On 2/22/99 I drove the Sentra from Telluride to Steamboat, Colorado, which is a 5 hour drive and absolutely beautiful. Here are some pictures of the drive, and then some pictures from Steamboat.


This is Glenwood Canyon, along I70. It is gorgeous:


Another shot of Glenwood Canyon:


Here are some elk, notice the big bad boy in the center. Nice rack!


A random Colorado scene, shot from the car at 70 mph:


This is the town of Steamboat, shot from the ski slope:


And vice versa, this was shot while standing in Steamboat (the town) looking up at the slopes:


Another picture taken on the Steamboat slopes:


A nice run at Steamboat, with about 8 inches of tracked powder:


Random picture from the Steamboat slopes:


Sitting at lunch with a beer in my hand, I thought it would be fun to hike up to the very top of the mountain where the lifts do not go, to Christmas Tree Bowl. After the hike, here's how it started (just fine):


A few minutes later, here's me completely lost. Take a look at the slope on this mountain, and the thickest trees I have ever skied in. I'm way, WAAAAY over my head at this point. Notice how you cannot see over the near ridge? That's a ten foot drop. I took off my skies and threw them over the cliff, then jumped:


A few more random scenes from the mountain:



Here is the top of the gondola (Hazie's restaurant):


And the following two buildings are directly across from one another in Steamboat. Concidence? Do you know the significance?


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