Telluride Visit

(3/22/01 - 3/30/01)

(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)


In March 2001 I visited Lise & Lance in Telluride.  Here are some pictures.  Also check out some pictures from my Glider Ride during the same trip.


Here is a picture of Lance skiing slightly outside of Telluride.  I wish I could take credit for this picture, but it's by Gus Gusciora a professional photographer in Telluride.  Click on this picture for a really nice blowup.


The only choice I made this day in telluride.   :-)


A picture of the front of Lise & Lance & Gus's home in Telluride.  It's in a GREAT location, a few blocks from the lift, a block from main street, on the sunnyside.


Here is a picture of the living room, facing forward (towards the front of the house and towards the ski hill).


The back room:


The loft:


The bathroom:


The kitchen, with Gris Gris  the cat ("Gris" means "Grey" in French) jumping for some catnip:


Gris Gris again:


Polo gives me a hug after I spent a day skiing:


Here is a picture of Gris outside the living room window, sitting in the falling snow.


The "FreeBox" (click on the picture to zoom in).  The custom is you leave things in here you don't need anymore, and somebody else might pick it up.  In this picture there are several people looking through the box.


The top of chair 9, and at the very top center of the picture you can see a glider.  The next day I took a Glider Ride myself.

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