Telluride Visit

(3/22/03 - 3/25/03)

(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 200k in size.)


In March 2003 I visited Lise & Lance in Telluride.  Here are some pictures. 


Here is a picture taken near the "Wildflower" at the bottom of the gondola.  Two dogs are playing together.


At the end of the same day, there are 7 or 8 dogs all playing in the same place.


A view from the top of chair 9.


Lise at the top of chair 9.


Below is a picture of the group we skied with on Sunday, March 23rd.  From left to right it is Kurt, Julie, Gus, Lance, Lise, me (Brian) and Kiki.  Look closely at the picture, is anything wrong?


Answer: yes, Kurt took the above picture, he's the one on the far left.  He is PhotoShopped in, I got his picture from the picture below taken by Julie.


Here is the original without Kurt.


Kurt and Lise on the chair at the end of the day.


Lance in the blue fleece, Kiki on the right, and Lise is on her way down the hill.  She only has one pole, because her right hand is injured and cannot hold a pole.


View up Gold Hill lift.


Random view from the lift.


While I was there, some back country skiers had some troubles.  I'm REALLY not sure of my facts here, but I think they started hiking from Ophir early in the morning, and arrived at point "A" below (visible from the ski area) at around 2pm.  They planned to ski down to point "B", and use a rope to get past 50 feet of steep rocky drop off, then ski down to "C" and ski down into Telluride.  The skier with the rope (Lance, no relation to my friend) got swept off his feet at point "B" and was carried down to "C" where he was picked up by helicopter and was fine.  The skier without the rope (Josh) had to hike back up to "A" and then back to Ophir, which took him all night.  Everybody turned out healthy and fine.


Same picture as above, without the red markings.


A sign in the San Jose airport.  This is just wrong, and in my opinion violates the 1st amendment.  It says here that if you make any statement or discuss explosives or the highjackings of September 11, you will be arrested on the spot.  Welcome to the new America, you are no longer allowed to discuss issues -> they will arrest you for TALKING about things.  The big long lines of people are waiting to get through security.


Another picture of a long line at San Jose airport getting past security. 


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