Telluride Visit

(3/12/04 - 3/16/04)

(Click on any picture to see an extremely detailed version. About 300k in size.)

In March 2004 I visited Lise & Lance in Telluride.  Here are some pictures, panoramas, and movies from the trip.  Click here for a town map and a lift map of the Telluride ski area.  Click here for a list of places to stay when in town.


Below is a panorama of the town of Telluride, click on it to view an ENORMOUS version.  This is about a 150 degree view.


Below is a 360 degree panorama from near the top of Gold Hill, click on it to view an ENORMOUS version.


Below is a panorama of the Gondola station and the bottom of lift #4, click on it to view an ENORMOUS version.  This is about a 180 degree view.


Below is a small video of Lise and Brian skiing through Logpile, which is one of my favorite runs at Telluride.  The video was taken on a digital camera, so it's small and not all that great quality.  Click here to view the video, or click the movie player picture below.


Below is a sequence of pictures I took while flying into Telluride airport, which is the highest commercial airport in the United States at over 9,000 feet of elevation.  The first picture is flying towards Telluride just after leaving Denver.


The picture below is of the pilots and cockpit of the little plane that hops from Denver to Telluride.


Picture of the ski area from the airplane as we circle to land.


The airport directly below, we circled down to land.


As we circle to the approach, you can see how the runway is on this tall plateau, and if you don't stop in time, the plane would crash right off the end of the abrupt runway.  It's like landing on an aircraft carrier.


Getting closer.


Right after this picture was taken we hook left to land on that white (snow-covered) landing strip you see on the right side of the photo.  Notice the enormous drop down to the left, right, and over the end if we overshoot.


I held the camera up and took a picture as the pilot landed.


Safely on the ground, a picture of some of the private jets parked at the Telluride airport.


Lise takes a picture of me on the slopes on the first day of skiing (Saturday, March 13, 2004).


Random picture taken from the Prospect bowl chair.


A sign at the top of Gold Hill about explosives they use for avalanche safety, and a view of the mountains behind.




Looking down "Milk Run" towards town.


Lise is on wireless broadband in an interesting configuration.  Here is her home office shown with her laptop on broadband with her iSight digital camera.  She uses directional antennas to extend the range from her boss's main office so she can work at home sometimes.


Here is the directional antenna in her boss's window, pointed 150 yards at her house.  The red arrow points to the Apple Airport's directional antenna.


This was taken from in front of the office, and a red arrow here points out Lise's house and the directional antenna she has there.  The amazing thing is how good her connection is using this system.


Here is the antenna in the main office.


While in Telluride, I came along to a going away party for Doug Berry who is a professional photographer heading off to Mount Everest for 70 days on an expedition he has been hired to help photograph.  Below is the TOTAL packing for his trip to Mount Everest.  He is allowed two bags of 70 pounds each, plus his photographic equipment.


One of the bags holds nothing but film.  


Walking along I noticed this bike that was snowed in last winter and just re-emerging in the thaw.  :-)


Stash on the lift, picture by Lise.


Stash and Brian, a self portrait by me.


Lise and Lance (sister and brother) on the lift.


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