Telluride, Colorado, 2005

(3/17/05 - 3/23/05)

In March of 2005 I visited Lise and Lance in Telluride.  Here are some pictures, panoramas, and movies from the trip.  Click on any picture for a much larger version.


The following sign was in the San Jose Airport as I was leaving.  Can anybody explain to me why the United States government has decided to print thousands of copies of this sign and place it in airports all over the USA?  What the HECK were they thinking?!!  There is absolutely no action anybody can take as a result of this sign!!  It means NOTHING to *ANYBODY* and I'm horrified my tax dollars were wasted in printing all these signs, purchasing the iron holders for the signs, and then having government employees put the sign up, keep it clean and oriented in the correct direction so everybody can read it.  This sign is a complete waste of my tax dollars, not to mention anybody smarter than a turnip would consider it one of the stupidest things the USA government could spend any effort and attention on.


Flying into the Telluride Airport.


In Lise's kitchen, we have two Apple laptops, both on wireless.


At the top of the Telluride Chair 9 on Friday, 3/20/05.  That's Stash Wislocki on the left, Duffy in the middle, and Lise on the right.


Random picture from the top of Chair 9 looking out over the valley.


At lunch.


The "Log Pile" is one of my favorite runs at Telluride, it is a glade of trees, and very pretty.  Here is the entrace.


To see a movie of me skiing through Log Pile, click here.  To see another movie from the year before (2004), click here.


Below Stash and Lise are skiing through the Log Pile.


Random picture of the town below.


Panorama showing a lot of skis piled up at the bottom of Chair 4.


Panorama from the top of Chair 9.


Panorama of the main street in town at the end of my first day of skiing (Friday, 3/20/05).


That night, there was a fund raiser for a local woman who broke her knee while skiing, but does not have any medical insurance.  Her medical bills passed $20,000.  This kind of fund raiser is relatively common in Telluride.


The woman with the (now repaired but still healing knee) is here in the white shirt center, that's Lance off the far right of the picture.


A picture of her knee in the brace.


Picture of the band who is performing at the fund raiser.


Early the next morning, Polo (Lise's cat) wanted to go outside, and I got this picture of Polo in the snow.


Later on, this is Polo in the window sill.  Behind Polo you can see the ski hill.


Here you can see it pummeling down snow.  I'm standing at the top of Palmyra, an intermediate bump/mogul run I like.


Lise and Neal Marlens poised to go over the edge at the very top of Upper North Chute.  You can see the town way far below them.


Panorama standing in the new Mountain Village development.  Use the horizontal scrollbar to see 360 degrees.


This is Lance's front "mud room", filled with SOME of his skis (this isn't all of them!)


Walking to the lifts in the morning, that's Stash on the left, Lise in the middle, and Lance is riding his bicycle.


On Monday (3/14/05) we got an early start because there had been 6 inches of new snow.  This next picture was taken as we were riding chair 9, these are the FIRST people down the hill cutting fresh tracks as you can see.


This snowboard is up to his knees in powder.


At the top, that's Sue Hill, Lance Waring, Honga Im Hopgood, Lise Waring, and Stash.


Random picture I stopped to take in the trees.  Notice the snow is deep, and totally untracked.


Top of "Giant Steps":


Riding Chair 10, the run under the chair is called "Holy Cow".


Random picture from the top of the mountain.


Gus on his balcony saying good morning to us as we walk to the slopes on Tuesday, 3/22/05.


Lise and Karin Krueger behind me on the lift.


Lance, Jamal, Lise, Karin, Brian (me) at the top.


Lance and Jamal.  (Jamal is Karin's son, Lance's god son.)


On the UTE lift, in beautiful weather.


Lise, Jamal, Lance, and Karin at the top of Prospect Chair.


Karin, Lance, and Jamal eating lunch at the bottom of the gondola.


Panorama in front of the gondola and "Chair 8" (the old Wildflower).


Lance and Jamal behind me on the lift.




Random picture of the town of Telluride nestled below.


This unfortunate picture is of "Dr John", a famous blues piano player that was performing at the Opera House in Telluride.  Dr. John is wearing a bright red suit. 


Here is a picture I found of Dr. John off the internet:


Time to go home on Wednesday, 3/23/05.  The snow lifted just long enough to get out of the airport.


Click here to see a video of the plane taxiing to the end of the runway, turning around, then taking off.


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