Telluride Gallery (2)

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This was taken on March 10, 1999. Lise, Ken and I skied together for the morning, then I took some random shots in the afternoon.


Here are Ken Bailey and Lise, standing together at the top of chair 9. Ken is a filmmaker, who with his wife Miranda has created films such as "Ode to Avalanche" and "In My Father's Garden" and "Gravity". I saw "Ode to Avalanche" recently, and it's WONDERFUL. I look forward to seeing his other (and future) films:


Lise and I, picture by Ken:


Lise and I again, picture by Ken. Look at the framing, you can tell he's a filmmaker. :-)


Lise got interested in my digital camera, and wanted to take some action shots of me while I skied. Here I am on lower Plunge, hacking it out through the moguls. Notice the plume of snow coming from my ski, proving I was moving (and that I push my tails too much):


Here I am skiing through "Log Pile", which is one of my favorite runs at Telluride. I just came out of those trees you see behind me, and there's NO OTHER way down but through more of the same density of trees. Lise took the picture in the little clearing:


Another shot in "Log Pile":


A random shot up chair 9. That's "Kant-Mak-M" under the chair, and "Mammoth" to the right:


This picture is of the Telluride airport (which I marked in a red circle). You can see it on a clear day from the ski hill, which is where I was standing. Notice that the runway turns up at the end facing away from us. Planes land heading downhill, and take off heading up hill. The Telluride airport is at 9,500 feet altitude, and is the HIGHEST commercial airport in the United States. There are a few higher private airports. Look closely, and notice there are no second chances when you take off. That is a cliff that drops out from under you:



This is the same picture as above, without the red markings:


On March 12, Douglas, Lise and I went to the Peaks in Mountain Village (hotel/bar). Lise took the follwing three pictures, the first two are Douglas:


Lise's second portrait of Douglas:


Lise's picture of Jeff, our waiter:


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